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Ленинский паспортный стол телефона, Оформить через госуслуги загранпаспорт ребенку, Как сфотографироваться на загранпаспорт в домашних условиях, Загранпаспорт ребенку до 14 лет где оформить, Какие фотографии нужны на загранпаспорт

Simple Living
Same process with Verizon iphone 6 in Beijing? Any new updates?
Comment from : Simple Living

Al's Bl,s
Sweety qween I'm not finding sim card selling I want WiFi can give me name off that shop I'm on Shenzhen now

Comment from : Al's Bl,s

Ali Zafar
try china mobile it is much better than china unicom ...
nice video :)

Comment from : Ali Zafar

Arm Mino
good video/info..thanks
Comment from : Arm Mino

that sim card rule is pretty stupid. so pointless.
Comment from : Person514cs

What's the 150 rmb for? does it count toward your calls? what if I'm there for only 8 days?
Comment from : enjoy5566

that is what A chinese does in the US to get a sim card. be an adult!!
Comment from : L Y

u r not leaving China anymore?
Comment from : X Y

Earlier this year I went to Dalian earlier this year at China Unicom also they wanted too see my airplane ticket and keep my passport. I said no thank you. Just kept using Verizon when I was there. I will be there again in August and hopefully I can find a phone provider there too use my iPhone 6s plus. If you can help me dear. ceix707@live.com
Comment from : xxxhyundai

Anime Princess
Thank you so much:) I wish there were more videos about this topic:)
Comment from : Anime Princess