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Ashok Kumar Sharma
The general perception of CHINA is very different from reality..Here the perception of CHINA is not too positive mainly due to media propaganda from both sides.. 😂 😂 😂
Comment from : Ashok Kumar Sharma

Ilie123 Petcan
India shit country,China top country in the world economy :)) !.
Comment from : Ilie123 Petcan

labhesh haria
India has to learn not many things but each and every thing from china... How to tackle the western hypocricy.... Learn from Master China
Comment from : labhesh haria

Dhorme Daimary
Super video
Comment from : Dhorme Daimary

i i bibibibib
Comment from : i i bibibibib

Vlogs about China Life
English 英文
Comment from : Vlogs about China Life

CRUZ Gunshot
Kya vlog hai bro
Maja aa gaya
Keep doing your work

Comment from : CRUZ Gunshot

Nikhil Juneja
hii..can you give your number?
Comment from : Nikhil Juneja

China is so organized man !
Comment from : Raj

Neelam Tezi
So fun to watch
Comment from : Neelam Tezi

As a Chinese, I have never heard of this city. Looks so underpopulated, different from other crowded big cities
Comment from : Firefly

Ranjan Upadhyay
Saloon wale bhai sahabko bahut Innocent lag raha hei yar😄
Comment from : Ranjan Upadhyay

John Halai
and Indian media's compares India with China 😂😂😂.. sach dekha rahey ho bhai.. zameen asman ka fark hain Indian city aur chinese city main.. sanitation par aise hi log mazak nhi uratey bharat ka..
Comment from : John Halai

murtja ali2233
Bhai mza agya thx bro 🙋‍♂
Comment from : murtja ali2233

vikas kaushik
ha bahi agar koi traffic rule todta haito vo bill aur proof dono ghar pe aate hai.india ki tarah nahi hai ki paise do aur bach jao.aur light bhi kabhi nahi jati yaar .more corporative peoples really
Comment from : vikas kaushik

vikas kaushik
bhai meri wife chinese hai phir bhi vo log khub questions puchte hai .crazy but it's ok more good peoples than indians specially at airport
Comment from : vikas kaushik

Shaktisinh Chauhan
bhai background music thik nhi h..
your videos are really amazing.. but please background music a66a rakho

Comment from : Shaktisinh Chauhan

Gjlsrinivas RAO
You are great
Comment from : Gjlsrinivas RAO

免费洗头的老板不错 :)
Comment from : gzadam

avinash kumar
खर्चा जरूर बताया करे और चीजो के दाम जरूर बताये
Comment from : avinash kumar

Rajesh Poojari
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from savage to civilization
Comment from : jemodeu

Kya kachodi h chiniz bhasa
Comment from : PAPPUDAM UMESH

Brijesh Mandavi
Suttebaaj barber
Comment from : Brijesh Mandavi

Amit Kumar
I'm really shocked. I always thought inner Mongolia would be barely developed and empty. This is better than all Indian cities.
Comment from : Amit Kumar

Ranjit Mondal
5:48 aye hye ladka kitna sharma ke bol raha hai.. 7:11 kya ashleel harkat hai bhai haahhahaha
Comment from : Ranjit Mondal

Himanshu Sharma
Making fun of a language 🤔
Comment from : Himanshu Sharma

killer 222
1:30 Guy behind you🤪
Comment from : killer 222

Shashank Mishra
what's the name of music playing at starting
Comment from : Shashank Mishra

Nice bhay
Comment from : PRADIP Biswas

Love you bhai
Comment from : KHERAJ RAM

dragon Lover
Erenhot is a small perfecture level county level city in China like Meerut in India
Comment from : dragon Lover

Sanchay Shrivas
"Voh travel hi kya jisme challenges na ho??"
That is great!

Comment from : Sanchay Shrivas

Rahul Joshi
China has encroached on 50-60km in Arunachal Pradesh Current Affairs 20... youtu.be/CD7nJccqE5Y via

Comment from : Rahul Joshi

ganesh das
mai kya comment karu... mere man me jo sawal hai. wo ap pehele hi bata raho ho... bas sun raha hu
Comment from : ganesh das

Mukesh Gunjal
Barbar 👑king men
Comment from : Mukesh Gunjal

Arpan paten
Bhai ye Mongolia vale China ke sath esa hi karte je jesa Nepal vale India ke sath., bahut na insafi ge
Comment from : Arpan paten

PKB Discover Innovation
Vpn ban h China me
Comment from : PKB Discover Innovation

Travel Without Borders
is it very IMPORTANT and that you tell everyone about your religion that you are ( HINDU ) ???
Comment from : Travel Without Borders

Sahish Debbarma
Use QR code by mobile
Comment from : Sahish Debbarma

Travel Without Borders
cant wait i m starting my tour of china from April 2020 via Khunjerab pass from Pakistan .
Comment from : Travel Without Borders

Navin Vajrai
Bhai aisa mat bolo...
Maja to aa raha hai

Comment from : Navin Vajrai

Mayank Riyal
Bhai China mai spoon use nahi karte chop stick use karte hai. Tum galat ishara kar rahe the.
Comment from : Mayank Riyal

Kumar Nittu
Nz jaiye
Comment from : Kumar Nittu

bunty bhola
Teri g bajny wally hai China msi
Comment from : bunty bhola

mohammed moheen
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Comment from : mohammed moheen

Swastik Swarup Das
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Comment from : Swastik Swarup Das

Ranjit Tyagi
Nice to see. It becomes easier to arrive and go around and do stuff if you go with a bit of basic homework. It's not easy to try "accents" in Mandarin. It's easier to remain simple and interact with people after you spend some time listening and then trying to speak Mandarin right in your home in India and record it. Keep doing it till you feel you're getting to understand the various tones. Don't need to try learning all of Mandarin in a month, it's not possible unless you're exceptionally gifted linguistically. Cheers!
Comment from : Ranjit Tyagi

boy of India shailendra
Next trip to Brazil 👌
Comment from : boy of India shailendra

Arijit Sengupta
Indian Chinese Food aur Original Chinese Food, kya difference hai?
Comment from : Arijit Sengupta

Mukesh Paswan
Beautiful mujhe bhi bhai ek alag si feeling video dekh kar a rahi hain 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Comment from : Mukesh Paswan

Sandeep Chowdhury
Wish you all the best for this series- Big fan from Gurugram
Comment from : Sandeep Chowdhury

Aman Deep
You should pay the barber?
Comment from : Aman Deep

Amit Kumar
bhai woha jagah kitna saf hai yr
Comment from : Amit Kumar

ashish Sahu
Bhai video ka number diya karo
Comment from : ashish Sahu

Aadarsh Bhardwaj
Chinese people are also friendly people ,as we see the barber ,trying to understand the language and welcome him in a good way
Comment from : Aadarsh Bhardwaj

Kishor Tamuli
After see your video one thing we got to know Chinese people are very kind people towards Indian travelers.only diplomatic relations are not good enough with India.
Comment from : Kishor Tamuli

Ashish Dahabara
Maja aa gya bhai, i m very excited 👍
Comment from : Ashish Dahabara

Bisitro Pigari
मुझे आपका ट्रैवलिंग वीडियो बहुत अच्छा लगता है.
Comment from : Bisitro Pigari

ravi Vasita
Low population see here
Comment from : ravi Vasita

Doing good job. keep it up. and Enjoy
Comment from : Rakesh007

Rahul Rathi
@ 19:22 is that a SBI Card that you used in China to withdraw ?
Comment from : Rahul Rathi

sunil kumar
Chinese people need to learn little basic English..but Chinese are pretty kind
Comment from : sunil kumar

suleman shah
Kaash hamara India bhi aise jaldi develop ho jaye....
Comment from : suleman shah

suleman shah
Bhai bohat achi video banayi aapne... Aap bohat thake honge aap me bohat bada experience kiya hai.. 👍👍👍
Comment from : suleman shah

Tanu Sandhu
Shenzhen mai punjabi restaurant ha . Or be city mai ha China mai . Par Shenzhen waly mai mai gya hu . Waha jana agar punjabi food khana hoto
Comment from : Tanu Sandhu

Gabriel Weinberg
Try Rupay card in China
Comment from : Gabriel Weinberg

mahesh babu
That barber is very kind man.he saying dont want to pay and he can give him food
Comment from : mahesh babu

Ajay Kumar
Chinese cover a blanket of captilist but in fact mao communist in their blood.....
Comment from : Ajay Kumar

puluq emil
Comment from : puluq emil

aapna Indian e jo Mast engliy bolta h.. Baki desh th Aapna Language k siba kuch janta e nei h
Comment from : CURSD HunteR

Mast video bhai!
Comment from : maddyc503

Vikas Yadav
9:31 hahhaha
Comment from : Vikas Yadav

Suraj Singh
China trip ke videos liye main bahut din se wait kar raha tha
Comment from : Suraj Singh

Satyendra Kumar
Hello Brother
You have so much guys that you are doing it.
I can understand it.
Appreciate your kindness of doing it.
Please Explain what you see.
Good luck 👍😊 and God bless you with good health.😊😊

Comment from : Satyendra Kumar

Ashwini Kumar Jena
Translate app download kegeyaa
Comment from : Ashwini Kumar Jena

Ratan Paul
Bro use Google Conversation Traslator offline version
Comment from : Ratan Paul

Dream Traveller
U inspired me to make blog ...thanks
Comment from : Dream Traveller

Dream Traveller
Nice video bhai
Comment from : Dream Traveller

et tha
What a great welcome bruh ✌✌
Comment from : et tha

h jotsinghaani
Bro please show us bhutan ,nepal and Bangladesh....love watching ur videos
Comment from : h jotsinghaani

Dovah kiin
When you visit USA I'm pretty sure you will be spied by FBI and others because of the countries you've visited lol
Comment from : Dovah kiin

rohit limbu
Supar china
Comment from : rohit limbu

Sanat Kumar
U r looking like Salil jamdar😁😁😁
Comment from : Sanat Kumar

Sushila Bhardwaj
China India se 40 saal aagey hai
Comment from : Sushila Bhardwaj

Sushila Bhardwaj
Indians se hi jaada sawal puchey jaatey hai China mein Indians have no respect in China
Comment from : Sushila Bhardwaj

Sushila Bhardwaj
India se saaf puri duniya hai
Comment from : Sushila Bhardwaj

Shreyansh _1485
Yrr aapke China series ke Baad China ke logo ke Liya alag hi feelings and lagi ,mast log hai China hai
Comment from : Shreyansh _1485

Arpita Mukherjee
Wowww.. i didn't watch any indian blog on china like this way.. truely amazing...
Comment from : Arpita Mukherjee

Chase Yao
gaode map 高德地图app is better than baidu map,more people in china use gaode
Comment from : Chase Yao

Nice bro china wala trip me bahut mja aa raha he
Comment from : RAVI KUMAR

30 sec creation
Hide my ass VPN work karta hai try bro🙏
Comment from : 30 sec creation

Debasish Life
You r making friendship better better IndoChina
Comment from : Debasish Life

AJ Entertainments
Please also subscribe and support my another channel...
Comment from : AJ Entertainments

sandeep periyar
Even this small city is better than delhi and mumbai.
Comment from : sandeep periyar

Bhosdiwalo humare desh ko pakistan se hi compare karte raho bas. Looka at china. Woh log USA se compare karte hai har sector main
Comment from : 阿努帕姆我的名字是

Sachin A Mathew
India is years far behind China. China is well developed while india is still struggling poverty,infrastructure. Maybe after 10 or 20 years india will also became like China.
Comment from : Sachin A Mathew

Raju Gurung
Nic vidido
Comment from : Raju Gurung

Nabajyoti Pathak
You are welcome by head washing
Comment from : Nabajyoti Pathak

Nabajyoti Pathak
Bhai such nice hospitality
Comment from : Nabajyoti Pathak