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marge revese
It's risky to get plane tickets ahead of application what if u get denied
Comment from : marge revese

Richard Graf
If anyone needs any help with a visa. I can get you paperwork for an m visa. Add my wechat richardgraf. Im an American so I can speak English
Comment from : Richard Graf

Gabo Prado
What if I have Mexican passport but I live in the States?? And the bank statement
Comment from : Gabo Prado

KumbaYah Ahchyam
I live on Jamaica.
Comment from : KumbaYah Ahchyam

My boyfriend poh akong Chinese at anak ano ang kukunin naming mga paper's. bukod pa Yung papers para magpakasal sa china ano po kailang kunin ko at sa anak poh ko.anong kailngan niya kunin pm me
Comment from : 李峰

Christian The Trueman
What if I'm staying at a Friends' place in China instead of a Hotel?
Comment from : Christian The Trueman

Simple Living
Very informative about all NAMES need to be on all documents. But it is painful to apply for visa. Most countries don't need visa for US citizens.
Comment from : Simple Living

Cool but I'm not getting my china visa it's like rejected 4th time
Please help me

Comment from : HARSH JAIN

Harta kekayaan brp apa saja yang bisa di kirim pake visa cina
Comment from : VIVA JAYAMAHE

Dengan menggunakan visa cina.....apakah penerima bebas pajak dan denda
Comment from : VIVA JAYAMAHE

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