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Semira Animates
That's my contery
Comment from : Semira Animates

Nemanja Outlaw
im from montenegro!
Comment from : Nemanja Outlaw

Hnau Falkau
I stumbled upon this video by chance and I have to say I've never ever seen a person more conceited and fake thn this woman! it's like those blonde high school girls from stupid American sitcoms! lol
so u go to montenegro and have exactly the same food as u would in London, Istanbul, Maldives or any other place on this planet? !
u should have stayed in ur parallel universe in the west (well at least until the Muslims take it down lol )

Comment from : Hnau Falkau

Coming back to this after over a month to check if you mentioned the name of the wireless headphones. Name? Review??? Thank you!!! :)
Comment from : sarav7888

YAY for the vegan food! ♥
Comment from : Sabine

Francesca Sammut
Lovely video and gorgeous place <3
Comment from : Francesca Sammut

That food looks amazing =) Love your vloging skils need to get better at mine.
Comment from : NickaPaulo

Emily Mulholland
Yay! To the vegan food!! You can't beat a plant based diet :) xxxx
Comment from : Emily Mulholland

sehr saira
this looks amazing, was it a retreat type holiday?
Comment from : sehr saira

Sidraseham Khan
I love you
✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴love you

Comment from : Sidraseham Khan

Sophie Louise Loves Life
Great vlog food looks amazing xx
Comment from : Sophie Louise Loves Life

Everything looked great!!
Comment from : purelytwins

You were glowing! You're so pretty!
Comment from : iTSMEE01

Melanie Louise
That Vegan food looked incredible! Cruelty free food is the best! There's nothing like eating with compassion :) Have you see the documentary Earthlings?
Comment from : Melanie Louise

Debra Clarke
Could you please do more food prep videos? Like fish based ones / aimed at vegetarians. Pleaseeeeeee :) xxx
Comment from : Debra Clarke

mmm i like all the veggie options. delish :]
Comment from : thatrunningirl

Who's that gorgeous girl you're with ? Does she have a channel?
Comment from : lollyloveswatching

Spencer Jackson
Wow, looks fantastic there Carly, you are very lucky :-)
Comment from : Spencer Jackson

Miriam McGovern
I love this with it being half-vlog half-food diary! I'm the same as you, mostly plant based diet but I eat some fish, unfortunately I can only eat crustaceans though as I'm allergic to regular fish! Really like the style of your videos, always happy to see them in my subscription box :)
Comment from : Miriam McGovern

morgan cody
go vegan
Comment from : morgan cody

I'm dribbling it looks so good :)
Comment from : katieecurtisfit

Also I did ask +TheLeanMachines too but I thought I'd like to hear your answer too from a girls (same goals) perspective, carbs or no carbs at dinner time ? My pt recommends not to ( fat loss and then building muscle is my goal )
Comment from : amyebbsss

Ahh awesome! I loved the look of all this food, and I love that you showed the naughty bits too :) moderation & you were always aware of what you've eaten that day. Amazing inspiration 😍💕💕
Comment from : amyebbsss

wow wow ! need to get myself here !
Comment from : bananana79

Sonali Manka
I love your food dairies. I'm trying to eat at least 90% plant-based every day. I love the way you eat, I've been trying to 'copy' and I feel really good.
Comment from : Sonali Manka

Have you been to Croatia? It's quite similar, you would love it. I've been there two months ago and I just want to go back.
Comment from : Lara

its Samantha
The food looks delicious and I love the beautiful view so much! ❤️
Comment from : its Samantha

Ffion Alexandra
Yay for all the yummy vegan food😍
Comment from : Ffion Alexandra

Amirah Latief
In love with your outfit on the last night! You're so wonderful Carly xx
Comment from : Amirah Latief

Looks absolutely gorgeous !
Comment from : SHB

Leoni Foster
the quality of this video is amazing
Comment from : Leoni Foster

Venetia La Manna
You look sooooo pretty 😍
Comment from : Venetia La Manna

Laura Fuchter
Officially adding Montenegro to my list! Such a great video, love your positivity and how natural you are in front of the camera 😍
Comment from : Laura Fuchter

Nichola Ludlam-Raine
Gorgeous video!!! So jealous of this trip!! Xxx
Comment from : Nichola Ludlam-Raine

This is one of the most beautifully edited vlog :) xx
Comment from : GhadaAM

Sophie Peach
i love your videos!😍
Comment from : Sophie Peach

Sophie Peach
looks amazing! hope you had a good time there❤
Comment from : Sophie Peach

amy hasson
You didnt even eat badly 🙈 i feel like a piglet now haha
Comment from : amy hasson

amy hasson
You didnt even eat badly 🙈 i feel like a piglet now haha
Comment from : amy hasson

amy hasson
You didnt even eat badly 🙈 i feel like a piglet now haha
Comment from : amy hasson

Yay Montenegro!! My parents are Serbian so we've definitely been to montenegro a few times :) such a lovely place!
Comment from : HeartCoils

You are so pretty, love the fact that you don't wear much make-up. Makes you so relate able and easy going. :) ....Love the white and black nail design 2:25
Comment from : seygra20

A lot of gorgeous fish and vegan dishes. So yum.
Comment from : GetFitwithMindy

sarah thomas
That trip looked incredible and you look so happy and healthy xxx
Comment from : sarah thomas

Love these videos! 😍 By the way, do you follow certain times when you eat? For example: every 3-4 hours or the traditional Breakfast, lunch dinner times? And what would you recommend? :) much love xxxx
Comment from : Rjz

Savannah Nicole
You're gorgeous, I adore your food diaries! They definitely help me find something healthy to eat.
Comment from : Savannah Nicole

Kat Horrocks
Love all the healthy food! What a gorgeous looking place :)
Comment from : Kat Horrocks

You look especially gorgeous in this video!
Comment from : lingwood123

Leila Daisy
Loved this video Carly! The food looks incredible and so does the sea. Hope you had a lovely time! x
Comment from : Leila Daisy

Bet after all that they went for a cheeky Maccy D's  run in there P.J's at midnight.
Comment from : Gazwilliams

lalala lalala
i love your videos so much :')
Comment from : lalala lalala

Nicole Marie
Your holiday looks amazing! :)
Comment from : Nicole Marie

Emmi Ruzin
Looks amazing! Hope you had a lovely time there <3
Comment from : Emmi Ruzin

Abi Oliphant *Spear
It's so gorgeous and sunny!! The food all looks incredible!!!!
Comment from : Abi Oliphant *Spear

your holidays always look like so much fun!
Comment from : bluewysher

Zoe Davies
It looks like you had an incredible time Carly! :-)
Comment from : Zoe Davies

Amanda Bowles
Love your videos! Looks like such a beautiful place
Comment from : Amanda Bowles

Megan Billett
omg i love you!!
Comment from : Megan Billett

Calvin Liu
I like the foods Carly thanks for the video
Comment from : Calvin Liu

Comment from : pinkcandletv

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