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Jonathan Robertson
507 Chinese stooges are trying to improve their social score with their CCP masters.
Comment from : Jonathan Robertson

Pixel fan XD
Like they say don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t ever mess with Taiwan it may be small but it can hit as hard is America can
Comment from : Pixel fan XD

Chi family
I love Taiwan is I live in Taiwan
Comment from : Chi family

Chris D Brown
Taiwan is powerful enough for me to recognize it as an independent country.
Comment from : Chris D Brown

Taiwan is the real chinese gov. The US sold them out just to start getting ruined by China. We should boycott china and put higher tariffs up. China is evil and communist. Taiwan is a democracy. How are we supporting communist statrs??
Comment from : noah

Madara Uchiha
Nepal loves Taiwan

Comment from : Madara Uchiha

All my favorite childhood toys were made in Taiwan, so it must be a good place.
Comment from : G3NOLLA -

Taiwan is not a country!
Comment from : J S

Taiwan is a “country”

Comment from : yeastori

Jeanpaul Silve
the mountain's and valleys protect Taiwan from attack, the sea corridor between Taiwan and China is navigable only fews days per year,
Comment from : Jeanpaul Silve

Marius Dasoveanu
Taiwan it's a great country. Greetings from Europe!!
Comment from : Marius Dasoveanu

Jaajur Jiinoow
Long live republic of taiwan,
We are with our brothers in taiwan

Comment from : Jaajur Jiinoow

Christ Jin
This is biased.
Comment from : Christ Jin

Pat Wayne
Great detail 👍
Comment from : Pat Wayne

Greg S.
A few years ago, Taiwan purchased the state-of-the-art Aegis system from the US, which should help, and even before that, Taiwan was already secure enough that most experts doubted that the Communists could simply invade and take over. But the CCP is now so ultra-aggressive that Taiwan probably needs to rethink the decision not to acquire nuclear weapons.
Comment from : Greg S.

E Am
Taiwan is dangerous for the Communist Regime because it shows the Mainlanders what China could be. Lets not forget, that more than 600 million chinese citizens earn between 2 and 4 dollars each month - living a life of poverty. Only in the rich coastal regions does China exist in the way it is portrayed in the media. That's also why China has to control all the information from the outside world and relies so heavely on Propaganda. If you give people a taste if freedom, they won't let it go. Look at what happens in Hong Kong. The CCP must be deeply troubled by this.
Comment from : E Am

I love Taiwen provience, China.
Comment from : X X

Miron swyst
They guy who sold democracy was Kissinger , master puppet master
Comment from : Miron swyst

Teddy Tadd
Taiwan has proven to stand on its own. and the island is more free than China. they will lose their freedoms if they become one government with mainland China. that video host girl speaks English like an American! Is it possible to date her? very cute!
Comment from : Teddy Tadd

Battenkill Rambler
We will find out soon when PRC trues to take ROC by force. No possible way current Chinese Communist leader retires without addressing this, the single biggest question, of his legacy. And there are not many years left before go-time. I speculate it will happen in next four years. If Trump is not re elected and a female democrat wins, odds go up to 90% Taiwan will be invaded. This will tripwire several other actions including North Korea advancing into Seoul and probably Iran and Israel total war. In other words, WW 3. Just my speculation of course, but a weak, inexperienced American president would be an unmitigated international tragedy.
Comment from : Battenkill Rambler

Mula Mi
Of course it's powerful there chinese
Comment from : Mula Mi

Runsong Ma
Taiwan is a country. Hongkong is part of China.
Comment from : Runsong Ma

tian xu
China is still at middle of civil war. I respect both side of people claim Republic of China or PRC as their country. It is one country, name China and all Chinese, including han and 55 minorities living on the land. We will united one day at will of all Chinese(including Chinese living in Taiwan) without any fight against each other. Anyone dare separate us. It will become ugly.
Comment from : tian xu

Sadly hong kong fall cuz of China government not nice to our freedom city
Comment from : DeepCupsChan119

Preston Martinez
We need to flood there army with new Weapons Systems!!
Comment from : Preston Martinez

Gordon Qi
largest economy outside United Nations...lol
Comment from : Gordon Qi

part of China
Comment from : CHENGJUN LI

Henry mao
The official name is not Taiwan. It’s Republic of China. The real China!
Comment from : Henry mao

Fred Liu
Just kindly remind you there is no. country called. Taiwan in UN.
Comment from : Fred Liu

Comment from : 自由美利堅

I like taiwan province of China.
Comment from : 陳大牛

Hulagu Mongke
Taiwan 80% of majority are staunch and supporters KMT compatriot. They're not leaving the island and gonna stood their ground once HK is swallow by China
Comment from : Hulagu Mongke



Comment from : F BN

Lee Giulio
The country in Taiwan is Republic of China.
... So Taiwan is part of China ?!

Comment from : Lee Giulio

Too Vexx
It would be fortunate if many or all of the four tigers could unite to become more secure of their outside threats
Comment from : Too Vexx

hsi ching chen
powerful Taiwan ? only war can tell, just remember powerful France surrendered immediately at the beginning of world war 2 !
Comment from : hsi ching chen

Ruiyuan Wang
In my opinion, no power
Comment from : Ruiyuan Wang

k 3k
taiwan is AMERICUNT shithole
Comment from : k 3k

Will Mac
Great looking girls too
Comment from : Will Mac

Rex Aly
pretty weak…………
Comment from : Rex Aly

Jeff Chua
Why don't western countries build diplomatic relationship with Taiwan? You roaring of supporting Taiwan but never with real recognition and action
Comment from : Jeff Chua

SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses
After WWII we should split China up between a Democratic China, Tibet, and Taiwan. Taiwan would get a lot of land in the southern half and Democratic China would get most of the land in the Northern half. That way Taiwan will be happy that they some of their mainland back, and It would prevent a mega powerful China from happening again by splitting the land up.
Comment from : SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses

James Chao
More than 90% of countries have signed a bilateral agreement with China admitting TW is a part of it. The US didn't but cut its official tie with this self-ruling island. If you call this an argument, there's nothing for sure in the world.
Comment from : James Chao

Sherman Chen
Taiwan just like better China. ROC
Comment from : Sherman Chen

aurélie contal
Je suis Lorraine et je soutiens la république de Taïwan
Comment from : aurélie contal

copper la
Taiwan is an inalienable part of China!
Comment from : copper la

Lok Wong
Three Peopel Principle Hurray!
Comment from : Lok Wong

Pretty Boy
lmao from mainland china
Comment from : Pretty Boy

Bh SovietBuss
Every single Americans: TAIWAN IS THE BEST!!!!!! REAL CHINA!!!
China: ...

Comment from : Bh SovietBuss

你在这里! 试图分裂中国! 你真可耻! 你是反人类的! 你只想中国人死。 你是人类的敌人! 所有人类都应团结并杀死所有这些分裂者。
Comment from : 倪涛

Jack Chen
Thanks for sharing. It is great.😍
Comment from : Jack Chen

In fact, Taiwan's official name is the Republic of China. Taiwan is a province's name
Comment from : 赵汉卿

Alexander Tue
I love Taiwan and i am from Taiwan🇹🇼
Comment from : Alexander Tue

girly power。。。。
Comment from : caodong6

kelin liang
Comment from : kelin liang

Ian McDonald
is Taiwan part of China or is China a part of Taiwan ? (tongue in cheek)
As early as 206AD, Chinese texts considered the Island of Taiwan as a 'savage place' and best left alone. (preceden.com)

Comment from : Ian McDonald

Mochamad Farid
Support Taiwan from Indonesia🇮🇩
Comment from : Mochamad Farid

John Weerasinghe
No mention that China was promised Taiwan after the Japanese had been expelled after WW2.
But the west as usual reneged on that promise because Mao was not their man and their corrupt stooge , Chain Kai shek had to flee to Taiwan.

Comment from : John Weerasinghe

harry liu
Taiwan #1😆👍
Comment from : harry liu

alien chau
ROC taipei government
Comment from : alien chau

Khai Liansang
Taiwan though small in size is an impressive beautiful and powerful country for its size.i hate when China always say it's theirs knowing when they give away Taiwan to japanese in the 19th century not even putting up a fight,they give away Taiwan to appease the Japanese,and now bragging Taiwan is china
Comment from : Khai Liansang

God's Forces on Earth
🇺🇸Let's Wipeout all the Chinese Communist🇨🇳 Pirates , Bandits and Crows as well as the Chinazi Forces ....

Stop the Spreading of Chinazism ....

Make 🇹🇼Republic of China Great Again🇹🇼

Make 🇺🇸America Great Forever🇺🇸

Comment from : God's Forces on Earth

stealth fighter
WTF! this is not about how powerful Taiwan is. Say it in military aspect.
Comment from : stealth fighter

alex black
Taiwan belongs to china.
Comment from : alex black

gustave sequeira
Taiwan is Taiwanese, let it never become Chinese. Taiwan is a normal country that should be given back his seat at the UN. I imagine that in 1971 when the world was deciding whether Taiwan was to be defined as a sovereign country, they missed something in its history, and I have a strong hope they will someday not too far come back on their decision and finally recognize Taiwan as a fully independent country of which PRC is part of and governed by and not the opposite. May God forbid Taiwan from becoming a PRC integrated because they are fully democratic, they behave as normal civilized individuals, they are smart, they know and respect freedom and rights, they are honest (enough); and we really don't need another vicious and corrupted communist dictatorship nation like PRC.
Comment from : gustave sequeira

tennis sport
Wait...wait... at 1:58.... Taiwan part of their country ? A minor correction.... China will be a part of the Taiwan country, when the CCP collapse, soon. In this age of information flows, many mainland Chinese have awaken their conscience, realize what is missing in their future that the CCP will never be able to provide. The sleeping giant the Chinese people will eventually be awaken, and give the CCP the boot, and join the rest of the developed world, to respect human life, human right, human might, human fight, for universal freedom and justice.
Comment from : tennis sport

tennis sport
Wait....wait...hold the frame at 1:14.... salute.... this is the real flag of China, there.
Comment from : tennis sport

Mike Walls
Long live Taiwan ❤ Great people and country!!
Comment from : Mike Walls

Kaidi Bai
Taiwan: Republic of China. It is also China!
Comment from : Kaidi Bai

Suwarto Suwarto
NEGARANYA BAGUS di banding honggkong.
Comment from : Suwarto Suwarto

Suwarto Suwarto
Comment from : Suwarto Suwarto

Rajib Schubert
Something’s she said aren’t factually correct. For example it wasn’t Taiwan that the un decided not to represent! Rather, it was the republic of China. Part of the complication with Taiwan is decoupling taiwan from the republic of China. Taiwan is the name of the island, however, the official name is the republic of China. The republic of china has its origins from Mailand China which took over Taiwan after the Chinese civil war which ended in 1949.
Comment from : Rajib Schubert

Australia loves Taiwan! ,🇦🇺🇹🇼
Comment from : nowisthetimetochange

Tramplin O’Hanlon
Taiwan's close neighbor china? '
Comment from : Tramplin O’Hanlon

Ceebtsheej Cheej
What's happening for China Community ,China want to controls all the smalls freedom countries to be under China,No work no easy like China dreams.
Comment from : Ceebtsheej Cheej

Lucius Wright
I love taiwan, ive been in both countries and i dont feel being watched or guarded on taiwan.
Comment from : Lucius Wright

Florida USA
US will help when Taiwan is almost destroyed, you have to at least fight for all that freedom you speak about . Taiwan dose belongs to China,
Comment from : Florida USA

im not gonna debate Taiwan is Country or Province of People's Republic of China, but isn't or is Republic of China. they can become the Republic of Formosa again lol
Comment from : TheGhostGamer

I can surely tell you all, the leaders would fleet in day one
Comment from : UFO

how powerful is Taiwan, it’s funny question that everyone must know, it’s a weak small island city of China. if PLA is willing to take back, there is no resistance, 1. island too small to defense. PLA can easily win in about 1 week. it’s war over. because every military hardware are unde PLA monitors. do not expect Americans or Japanese will sacrifice for Taiwan, no one would sacrifice 10000 solders deaths in one day for Taiwan.
Comment from : UFO

台湾是多么强大的力量,每个人都必须知道,这是一个有趣的问题,它是一个弱小的中国小岛城市。 如果解放军愿意收回,那就没有抵抗,1岛太小,无法防御。 解放军可以在大约1周内轻松获胜。 这是战争。 因为每个军用硬件都是解放军监视器。 不要指望美国人或日本人会为台湾牺牲,没有人会在一天内为台湾牺牲10000名焊工死亡。
Comment from : UFO

We Taiwanese declare Itu Aba Island as our own and all you folks can have everything else :p
Comment from : Laurence0227

Tien Nghe
Not only powerful Taiwan had , also had U S on it's side to protect Taiwan .
Comment from : Tien Nghe

WeiWen WWE
Taiwan is not a country...The country is Republic of China(ROC) while mainland China is people's republic of China (PRC)
Comment from : WeiWen WWE

joe stalin
President for Life Xi Jingping has Lost face bigly over his Handling or lackthereof of the Hong Kong protest.
Comment from : joe stalin

jiandong wang
Comment from : jiandong wang

The island formed their government in 1949? You need to have a history lesson
Comment from : TG4KHD

alien chau
no war
Comment from : alien chau

Taiwan is China’s province. 台湾是中国的。
Comment from : 邢小强

Taiwan is the REAL China
Comment from : Dachi

zhuoli xie
I have seen 40% comments saying “TAIWAN No. 1”... let me go for it this way, a country (even not de jure is one) should:
1. Have legislations against telecommunications-based fraud industry preventing it from forming 0.7% of a “country” ‘s GDP;
2. Not lead its party against the single largest trade partner in a straight-up “Adolf Hitler watching Jews circa 2019 colorized” manner;
3. Have a “robust” army that won’t stop activities above 36 degree centigrade.

Comment from : zhuoli xie

Taiwan will be unified. That is for sure. No one can stop it. Just someone don't want to admit.
Comment from : ykialy

Malcolm Hardwick
Long live Taiwan. Never been there but just have some good feeling about it ☺
Comment from : Malcolm Hardwick

Khalabib bhat
Taiwan will become more powerful in coming days mark my words
Comment from : Khalabib bhat

Hsu Chiahao
The Communist Party of China has killed countless artists to suppress Tibet, Xinjiang, Falun Gong and Shen Yun, without human rights and freedom of expression. Who wants to be caught or disappeared in the world, unlike the ideas of the Communist Party of China

That was the case with the two Canadian citizens, who were arrested by the Communist Party of China for not breaking the law.

Comment from : Hsu Chiahao

Luke Shay
I want Taiwan to be the ww1 Britain of Asia. Small country, enormous naval strength
Comment from : Luke Shay

2-Bricks Studio
China was ONCE OWNED by Taiwan. But anyways, this isnt a thing to talk about in public.
Comment from : 2-Bricks Studio

Christian Calimlim
Taiwan is Taiwan just STAPH it staph! (Stop)
Comment from : Christian Calimlim

silver wing
Taiwan government is not bulying other countries in asia! Taiwan is a good country! China leaved alone taiwan ! China needs a clear oxygen to clear thiere brains immoral
Comment from : silver wing

the doctor airsoft
Republic of China
Comment from : the doctor airsoft