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Haha C-Milk & Oliver Twist (after puberty) 😂
Comment from : ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ

0:06 Bus stations are notoriously famous for being well-known for being disregarded for their widespread popularity of their bad reputation.
1:25 Do they have tender chicken butts? (I need 20. They're for a friend.)

Comment from : Dowlphwin

Bo Christiansen
Comment from : Bo Christiansen

Joseph De Vito
After getting pickpoketed a few times I finally held on to everything while walking lol
Comment from : Joseph De Vito

Zachary Alan
Cheers to kidney failure!
Comment from : Zachary Alan

Chicken feet boiled and sauted is the best part of the chicken. Also grilled chicken heart. These two. The entrails are tastier. Must not miss out. Even tastier than chicken is crocodile meat- it tastes like concentrated chicken. China's so full of immorality, it's seems to be easy to become paranoid and anxious there. God bless, Proverb 31.
Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Brian B
Paradise on earth.
Comment from : Brian B

This place is really third worldy.
Comment from : Choong

Simon Wong
I remember watching this episode years ago, didn't know I was watching your content back then.
Comment from : Simon Wong

james taylor
To be honest i couldnt stand the fucking noise....constant hornhonking....loud languages i cant understand...the noise alone w kill me...and y do they all sound mad like arguing?
Comment from : james taylor

Gooood this brings back memories. Was visiting Xian at the time and a young Chinese guy around my age comes up from behind in the train station, pats me on the shoulder and says "bro, your backpack's open". Nice.
Comment from : The歐Boss

"An absolutely retarded shopkeeper at a bus station who failed at life" PMSL!
Comment from : Nosgarth

Richard Hope
Update 2017: - locals need to present ID, foreigners need to present Passport for all but local bus services. Also need for train and coach stations. Some museums and other tourist places also need your ID or Passport, however, I have managed to get away with a good A4 sized colour photocopy of my passport (no good for train, bus or coach though). Pickpockets etc, no change, have to keep your wits about you. Oh yes, expect to have all luggage x-rayed at railway stations, bus and coach stations, metro (underground) stations too.
Comment from : Richard Hope

Dwyane Wade
Very nicw
Comment from : Dwyane Wade

Chris Sabre
I for one appreciate the subtitles/translations and your doing some how to when and after buying the tickets, when people can learn some basics like that it might make them feel less intimidated about traveling to and in china. Im also curious why you didnt ride their on your bike or drive there .... and who your friend is ? Seems like he didnt know any chinese,
Comment from : Chris Sabre

john dough
All the bus stations I've been to, the bus terminal # and seat # is printed on the ticket. No need to try to find and match the characters.
Comment from : john dough

Antonio Costa
Liked how they subtitled their conversations in Chinese. You guys should do it more often. These are the golden nuggets that help us folks trying to grasp the language prize
Comment from : Antonio Costa

That looks nothing like red bull. Its gold and red, red bull is blue and silver. Some of these knock off boggle the mind
Comment from : GenBloodLust

Fathol Red
holy shit this video made me so dizzy
Comment from : Fathol Red

Sean Gray
Cobblers repair shoes, not tailors..
Comment from : Sean Gray

Christov Bro
all these videos im just thinking about the need to shit!
Comment from : Christov Bro

what would happen to you if you got caught laying out one of the pickpocket dudes after they tried to pickpocket you?
Comment from : Revik

So how does duoble bull taste like?
Comment from : Super_Slav

WOW that shopkeeper rant
Comment from : Dafoodmaster

tou pu
LOL, the station conductor didn't look very happy with her life, lol. You know serving the people is their motto. But I think she just serving for money, and not doing a good job.
Comment from : tou pu

You have this happy-go-lucky / blaze' way of narrating things. You're like "Oh look here is a disabled person singing sad songs, look here are the drug dealers - they look like me! Oh, and I was almost robbed but my bag's empty - "sorry friend"!? Here's a sad ticket lady - she hates her life. La la la....Just another day in the neighbourhood. You're like Mr Rogers or something - I wish I had that attitude.
Comment from : dothedeed

Kodak dangerfield
"especially disabled people, which is always nice to see, NOT! "
lIterally loled

Comment from : Kodak dangerfield

Kodak dangerfield
Comment from : Kodak dangerfield

Dario Richard Oxenham
How long did it take for you to learn Chinese in order to become independent in daily activities (shopping, travelling, ordering food)?
Comment from : Dario Richard Oxenham

Tyler Shepherd
great video
Comment from : Tyler Shepherd

Владимир Бадалян
A 10-12 year old kid tried to steal my phone while I was listening to music on it... in my headphones... TIC
Comment from : Владимир Бадалян

Владимир Бадалян
Hahaha never seen ДВОЙНОЙ БЫК(duoble bull) in Moscow. Cause in Soviet Russia you can go to Gulag for sh*t like that;)))
Comment from : Владимир Бадалян

hahaha....with that cap, ppl will think you are one of these dry fruit Xinjiang guys too
Comment from : intezamable

Fun Kai
That guy with the bong is from Yunnan, in Kunming many men smoke in this way in the restaurants.
Comment from : Fun Kai

double bull lmao
Comment from : HANBO

Yung Griff
damn that dude straight tryed to pickpocket u...thats fuckin crazy man..and u dident even get mad..like it happens all the time...jeese good thing u cought on
Comment from : Yung Griff

James H
What camera and mic did you use for this video? It's on your chest? GoPro? Your Audio is very good considering the noise.
Comment from : James H

nurul soheil
ur moving camera left and right so fast! I got headaches !
Comment from : nurul soheil

looks like the US.
Comment from : rightguts

RIP George Smith
Great video. Feels like I'm there, I like the slow-mo too lol
Comment from : RIP George Smith

Y Tang
5:10  haha,  thats good point.  I almost forgot what attitudes are in china.
Comment from : Y Tang

very cool video, I like the slow motion theft cam.
Comment from : Burial

Moon Caidra
I just found your videos and really like them;
I'm going to travel through china in september and therefor I'm gathering all the tips I can find so I find your videos really helpfull and honest ^-^
I'm wondering would people also snatch stuff like a camera from someones hands and run away or even steal a whole bag?

Comment from : Moon Caidra

P Wolf
What camera are you using
Comment from : P Wolf

Agent Smith
i dont understand why people go to other countries and learn the language and lifestyle etc your american stay in america.. your asian stay in asia
Comment from : Agent Smith

John Gong
how long have you guys been in china? look like you know how things go pretty well. i came back to china from south africa, had my cellphone and wallet stolen in one day cuz i forgot about these things in china.
Comment from : John Gong

Minuscolo Chao
i really dont suggest you guys try these drinks.... and get a list of what your chinese friends drink and drink what they drink......take care!
Comment from : Minuscolo Chao

Comment from : 空间盗梦

China Bill
It happened, thief are fast, i had experience 20 years ago on a bus, our bags are opened when we get off the bus....
Comment from : China Bill

Lakeview Bear
Why would you not call that thief out? Is it such a common occurrence that it isn't worth the breath? 
Comment from : Lakeview Bear

Conan Russel
chinese food is so nasty....
Comment from : Conan Russel

china looks cheap. with theyr cheap writing and cheap materials where only profit is important
Comment from : ‍1marcelfilms

She shines shies she doesn't repair them
Comment from : CEObonuses

Wrong. Capitalism doesn't mean increased costs, in fact, it is often times the exact opposite. Capitalism depends on the supply and demand, in this case, its more of demand that matters. For example, in Botswana, all taxi services are privately owned, and their fares are the SAME as a bus fare, which also is mostly privately owned, is very cheap. Buses in the states is simply expensive because too many people own cars.
Comment from : cr9527

no.Mostly it's because busses etc are a service provided by government and it's not a way to make profit and get rich necessarily. In many countries many things are subsidised by government to make them cheap for all or for some ( attorney, housing, bread, public transportation etc ) In brazil people over the age of 65 travel for free in busses ( city busses that i know of )
Comment from : webeskimo

haha made me laugh
Comment from : Salpeteroxid

hanniba youguan
looks like a greyhound station, maybe smells different
Comment from : hanniba youguan

hanniba youguan
the pocket picking kid is from Xinjiang
Comment from : hanniba youguan

In other words, the proliferation of cars drove the cost of bus rides up. I remember back in Botswana, a 1 hour bus ride was 10 Pula, or around 1.5 dollars
Comment from : cr9527

The reason why Buses and trains cost so little there is because they are the primary forms of transportation and have a constant stream of customers to keep the cost down, where as inter-state buses and trains in the States are a bit like travelling by boat or plane, not enough people to board them for a continuous fleet, so the prices are high.
Comment from : cr9527

Thank you for this much interesting video!
Comment from : Maxiansheng

you didn't need to drink it!
Comment from : DanKlordFOURTWENTY 28GsFG

Keith V
Comment from : Keith V

World Traveler东北
no Red Bull, but Russia Bull? lol
Comment from : World Traveler东北

Herbalist Hermit
Cameraman jittered too much and made the entire video suck bawls. also had nothing to do with fake food and only stupid russian bootleg shit.
Comment from : Herbalist Hermit

Au Luna
A few years back, my father was traveling via public buses and had his wallet stolen. Luckily for the thief, they hit the jackpot. It had around $2000 AUD plus $1000 yuan and his credit card. On some luck for us, no money was spent from the credit card. Considering that he was traveling alone, the bus was packed, that my dad was in his mid 70's, and instantly distinct him as an foreigner (even though he's Asian), he was too much of an easy target.
Comment from : Au Luna

Esxca Murrida
funny to see somuch pickpockets there. changsha is pretty safe . one time a guy tried to mug me just punched him in the face out of reaction even tho he had a knife and he was flabbergasted so i ran :P
Comment from : Esxca Murrida

Anna Noussi
I love these! I bought a huge amount of those packaged meats in the Shanghai airport for in the airplane xD chicken legs were so yummy xD
Comment from : Anna Noussi

Comment from : laowhy86

Comment from : laowhy86

Genesis Trading Solutions
Nice video!
Comment from : Genesis Trading Solutions

Which city is this ?
Comment from : Steven

I'm doing the Pimsleur lesson where they teach you how to buy a ticket to somewhere. It made me think of this video!
Comment from : hydroseeds123

Jay J
are you guys still in gz? i am coming from canada in march and use some of your help.
Comment from : Jay J

thanks! happy new years to you too!
Comment from : laowhy86

Ho mer
hehehe dude ur so funny man, that is not how u do it, what u do it come up to the most beautiful girl u can see, and with a sad puppy face u ask her to help u be u r lost and from america :-) hehehehe
Comment from : Ho mer

Instead looking for the signs to Guangzhou, It's easier just to look the entrance No. you will be access ( that's the fixed green label under the Red R.E.D. signs.
Comment from : water1oo

Kevin Hawk
Comment from : Kevin Hawk

I never bought this kind of stuff, but I am sure someone had that experience, cos too many people in China, this isn't just for foreigner. Be careful.
Comment from : 康治中

You should explain more about "fruit cake" , currently,this is the most popular topic in China.
Comment from : 康治中

Comment from : laowhy86

yeah, what supernev1000 said. it was a dumb thing to do.
Comment from : laowhy86

haha yeah, but i am used to it.
Comment from : laowhy86

thanks! i'll keep it up if people liked it.
Comment from : laowhy86

thomas donaldson
Translated subtitles! Awesome!
Comment from : thomas donaldson

Nancy Geng
the smell in bus station is terrible.
Comment from : Nancy Geng

Nancy Geng
useful and informative
Comment from : Nancy Geng

don't buy in random shops near stations.
Comment from : supernev1000

Comment from : 康治中