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I haven’t seen my sons father in over a year and don’t know how to find him. What should I do?
Comment from : jlj0609

Tori Murawski
My boyfriend lives with me I’m a citizen and he was born in Mexico but lived in the U.S for ten years speaks perfect English. He has a Michigan identity card but is a resident here in Michigan!!!! What exactly due I need for my man to come on cruise we are driving and don’t want to be upset and get denied from cruise! He said he has a social security card a identity card of Michigan
Comment from : Tori Murawski

Mario Pastor
Help please! My wife is a permanent resident her foreign passport still hasn’t arrrived. The cruise leaves and returns to a us city. Can she get on the cruise if she just has her permanent resident card?
Comment from : Mario Pastor

Jason Laws
I have an Enhanced license from michigan. We’re sailing out of Miami on a Norwegian Cruise ship and going to Belize and costa maya. I still need a passport?
Comment from : Jason Laws

Jodie Hussain
I was born out of state bc my dad was in military. I do have birth of abroad with a rise seal. Will this count as the birth certificate. It also said that I am is citizen on it too. Of course I am taking my driver license to
Comment from : Jodie Hussain

margaret babb
Information is very helpful
Comment from : margaret babb

Its ya boi William
So I have a cruise on the 20th of January and I’m 14 can I get off on the islands that the cruise is taking us to with my birth certificate?

Plz if have info I need help I don’t wanna get stuck on a island 😂

Comment from : Its ya boi William

C. Juneau
Can you tell me if I need a passport for the Dominican Republic??
Comment from : C. Juneau

If you lost your birth certificate but you have state issued id would you still be able to get on the ship? (Ship is leaving and coming back to same port in florida)
Comment from : ssn

moe green
You did not mention enhanced driver's license. That will work as well.
Comment from : moe green

Google User
What's the timeframe now for renewing passports? Heading to Bahamas in January? ...passport doesn't expire until May 2020
Comment from : Google User

What if my passport expires after the cruise is over? Meaning I sail in January but my passport doesn’t expire until February. Can I still use my passport or will I still need to get a new on?
Comment from : fluffyberrigumdum

Brian Michaels
Not all birth certificates have a raised seal like mine from New York City but have never had a problem, also as a backup I have my DD214 but that is NOT an approved document
I have a passport card works on cruising only Not Air Travel

Comment from : Brian Michaels

Hi sir
Please check H -B1 visa us for cruise ship job

Comment from : MUNESH KUMAR

Patti Todd
you can use a passport card to travel by ship but if you have an emergency and need to fly back it does not work
Comment from : Patti Todd

Trevor Whiting
Our trip to The Bahamas is in November, we leave from Port Canavaral and return to Port Canavaral
Comment from : Trevor Whiting

Trevor Whiting
My wife and I both have our original birth certificates, do we also need the marriage license as well?
Comment from : Trevor Whiting

Charlotte Resula
Can I bring my green card to go on a cruise ?
Comment from : Charlotte Resula

Jessica Williams
Can I cruise with just a enhanced driver license?
Comment from : Jessica Williams

Vane HT
My husband and I just came back from a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami. The last day we got a letter in our cabin, we were selected "randomly" for an immigration check so we had to be ready to check out 2 hours early before the other passengers. My husband has a valid green card for over 15 years, I'm an American Citizen. They took us to an area where they started checking luggages for other people, which it seem normal to me. All of the sudden one of the NCL members who works with the border patrol officers called me and said to follow him, I told him I was with my husband and they said that he will join me later. So I took my luggage thinking they were taking me to a room to check my luggage, but that DID NOT happened they took me out to the street!! Making me leave my husband behind with LIES!! 2 hours later standing outside my husband didn't come out and couldn't contact me. He managed to text me to let me know he was detained not knowing the reason. Whe he told me that I got freakout, he also told me the officer told him that their system wasn't showing us as married which is a lie! Because I called directly ro the USCIS and said their system was showing us as married!
To resume they moved him to another building where they told him he was going to be deported because he had a DUI 10 years ago( which he already resolved that with the court.) But due to the new guidelines they can deport you if you have any small criminal record within the past 10 years, he wasn't the only one there he met two other guys one from Cuba and the other one from Haiti who were in the same situation. After 12 hours not knowing what was going on, he finally go out but they took his green card now he has to wait for a court date to see a judge who will decide if my husband can stay or be deported!!
PLEASE CALL A LAWYER OR USCIS TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE GOOD TO GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY MIGHT NOT LET YOU IN!!! THE CRUISES LINES WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS!! WE WERE NOT SELECTED RANDOMLY, THE LIST THEY HAD WAS DIRECTLY SELECTED FROM THE USCIS!!! My recommendation is if you are not an USA citizen don't go out of the country, they are looking for any excuse to deport immigrants :( even if you are legally here that doesn't guarantee the entrance to the USA.

Comment from : Vane HT

Glenn Sobransingh
Sal we are from Trinidad and booked a cruise for the caymans Belize Honduras and Mexico we have us visas uy do we need visas for the other countries
Comment from : Glenn Sobransingh

Empress Lisa
Can you use your driver lience
Comment from : Empress Lisa

Maani Arzhang
Hello Sal! I am going to travel to Canada and USA by Cruise on August. I live in France but I am not French. What documents I need??
Comment from : Maani Arzhang

madi piccolo
I have a question, I just got booked on my family's cruise, and I don't have time to get my passport renewed. We are going on a closed cruise line, (we are leaving and coming back through Ft. Lauderdale, FL). And I have a state issued ID card, and I just got a certified, original birth certificate today through the county I was born in, however there is not a raised seal on it. There are Colorado State Seals on it, and a signature. But these seals are only printed. Is this going to work?
Comment from : madi piccolo

I was told that the birth certificate I provide has to have a raised seal. Is this correct. The one I have has the multicolor state seal. My cruise is in 15 days!! 😩😩😩
Comment from : erinnt79

datstud killacam
“Ima Cardholder “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : datstud killacam

Kisha Scott
So if I have a copy of my original birth certificate will that allow me to get on the cruise
Comment from : Kisha Scott

Slavic Tuniyants
What if you are a legal resident and have a green card with an expiration and a California id?
Comment from : Slavic Tuniyants

Betsy Sho
So not true with not allowing a copy of the birth certificate. They absolutely do. It is even outlined in Carnival's FAQ.
Comment from : Betsy Sho

Kendra Kroll
Good stuff here. I'd also always recommend keeping your passport ON yourself...not in any luggage...on your way to/from the cruise. I find that easy to do w/ PortaPocket (a wearable carry case system). Maybe something you might like to know about too, Sal? www.youtube.com/watch?v=orlvTEyuBfs
Comment from : Kendra Kroll

Lina Voung
aren't the birth certificates that you pay after the baby is born and sent through the mail , "original?"  I don't think it has a raised seal on it but they are birth certificates and not photocopies...I am confused.
Comment from : Lina Voung

hey Sal !!! Im Going on a cruise leaving ft.lauderdale on royal caribbean going to cozumel and mexico. I'm not a citizen is my resident card ok to use. I'm afraid to have issues in mexico.

Thanks !!!

Comment from : HERBALIFE

surgical tech
Okay so my mom is not a U.S. citizen but she has the "green card" I dont know much about those documents. I guess she knows what she needs to bring... is there anything else extra she needs to do?
Comment from : surgical tech

Joe Martinez
My parents have a permission to stay and travel in the U.S. issued by homeland security they also have State IDS they do not have a birth certificate having said all of that can they get on board to the cruise ship?
Comment from : Joe Martinez

Monica Ocha
Thanks for the info. I am a United States citizen but I was not born in the United States. What other documents are accepted if I do not have a passport? My cruise line advised I could take my Certificate of Naturalization but I will like to be 100% sure this is correct.
I am sailing in less than a month therefore applying for a passport right now wouldn't assure me I will have it on time.
Thanks in advance!

Comment from : Monica Ocha

So taking a 1 and a half year old to the DMV, sounds like hell.
Comment from : Jermster_91

patti winner
Sal, I have an emergency! My Mom , who was married 60 years ago, does not have her marriage certificate. We leave in 5 days. It is all my fault . I researched about excursions, scooter rental , ships and so on, but did not look far enough into documentation. I called the cruiseline twice and asked them , but they never mentioned the issue with name change.Today is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday....omg , I am freaking out! What can we do? We live in Va, but she was married in Md. HELP PLEASE
Comment from : patti winner

Paul Rock
Thank you, Sal, I have been on 4 cruises & have no Pass Port. Most cruisers call me a liar, & putting people at risk by showing up with birth certificate & photo i.d. I think it is called a closed loop cruise. from a local port & back to the same port. I tell people that because they may not like cruising, & will no longer need a passport. Not to misled them.
Comment from : Paul Rock

John McCurdy
Thank you for all of your info for the newbee
Comment from : John McCurdy

Moe Moe
I have always used photo copies of my birth certificate on every cruise. For Carnival and Norweigen
Comment from : Moe Moe

Manuel Galaviz
Sal Pitera I have a question, I am going on a cruise, I have custody of my son. The woman who had him is not in his life. Will I have problems getting on board?
Comment from : Manuel Galaviz

Hot Soup
The "souvenir" birth certificate with your itty-bitty baby footprints, is not an actual birth certificate and will only get you laughed at. Not going to say how I know this... 😂
Comment from : Hot Soup

Do we need to bring a BC if we bring a Passport?
Comment from : 1986TruthSeeker

cindy gerend
Expired drivers license will NOT work. Must be current and accurate. Sea ya
Comment from : cindy gerend

Pascale Smith
Maybe a better term than "original birth certificate" would be "certified birth certificate". And you might be able to get it through the county in which you live, if you still live in the county in which you were born. However, if you were not, you must get it through the county in which you were born. My county in Minnesota doesn't have any access to the county in Virginia, where I was born. :)
Comment from : Pascale Smith

Just a quick share of my last experience. Oct 2018, Carnival Victory out of Miami. I live in Calif. So I leave the house, Doh, forgot Passport, I turn around and rush back to house. grab PP, head back to airport. Off I go. get to Florida and realized I had grabbed my cancelled PP. I had just renewed last year. :( But I go to port anyway hoping? I get there and try everything to no avail. Side note, I did not have Birth cert. Tried contacting Calif. County I was born in... they were not able to fax it in a timely manner. I did not have family or friends close to my home to get PP info, So no go. I do question U.S. Customs and Homeland for not being able to verify me through there computers there at the terminal. With my driver license and cancelled passport. I also have a history with carnival, 27 cruises. I cruised with Princess last year, Princess allows you to enter your PP info online prior to your cruise. Princess let me on board without my PP. I went to U.S. Customs after the Princess cruise and they pulled me up on there computer and verified me. So in the end? no cruise for me. Yes as a seasoned cruiser? I have forgot my PP twice. Learning the hard way sometimes.
Comment from : DavesNotHome

Katey-Anne Turner
There are state's that issue "enhanced licences". They act as photo ID and birth certificate proof. Though my travel agent told life would be easier at the airport, ship port, and in case of emergency to get a passport book.
Comment from : Katey-Anne Turner

Do you need a passport if the cruise starts at Seattle and cruises through Canadian waters and to Alaska? even though the final stop is in canada and I don't plan to get off the ship? The cruise ends back at Seattle.
Comment from : Wolfpackflt670

james hardin
You are recommending taking the passport off the ship with you in every port just in case you get left behind?
Comment from : james hardin

Travel Teez
Love it!
Comment from : Travel Teez

Taka J21
My friend lost his social security, will he need it to cruise?
Comment from : Taka J21

Ramirez vlogs Ramirez
Hello does it matter if my birth certificate it’s a lil wrinkled and ripped lol !!
Comment from : Ramirez vlogs Ramirez

Debbie Bragg
What is the document that you can get just for the Caribbean and Bahamas?
Comment from : Debbie Bragg

Sarah Phillips
Even for a closed loop cruise you sail into international waters and enter foreign ports. You don't EVER want to be in the situation where there's an emergency with you, someone in your party or at home and you can't get back. If you don't have a passport you will have to find and get to the nearest consulate or embassy, pay for a temporary emergency passport and wait for your application to be processed. That could take days depending on where you are and when the incident happens. Save yourself the money and the headache.
Comment from : Sarah Phillips

Chris s
I’d love to see a video on when you should book a cruise you’re planning. Are there certain times of year to book and get better deals? Also is it better to book through a travel agent or cruise line website?
Comment from : Chris s

Raul Pablo
Sal...you literally just saved my vacation from becoming a nightmare. We leave on the Elation in 26 days and I was confident I had everything in order. Online check in is complete and all my daughters and I have our passports. Thing is...it's a dad & daughter getaway while my wife stays at home. Before watching this video I had no idea my wife needed to sign a notarized statement of consent. I had never heard or read that before. Thank you so much for mentioning it!
Comment from : Raul Pablo

If you fly into Vancouver Canada for an Alaska, Hawaiian Cruise you will need a Passport or Nexus card to enter Canada by air. If you fly into Seattle and drive up to Vancouver you can cross the border with Enhanced driver's licence, passport card or a passport. As passengers embarking in Vancouver are considered to be entering U.S. jurisdiction once they board the cruise ship, you will go through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Passengers who are disembarking in Vancouver are required to complete a declaration card and clear Canadian customs through the Canada Border Services Agency.
Comment from : tyinyvr

For kid under 16; traveling to Nassau, getting back on ship, since the kids don’t have ID, do they just show their birth certificate to get thru the security guard in Nassau before boarding the ship showing their birth certificate and sailpass....
Comment from : Soua

Karen Dunn
What do you think about passport cards?
Comment from : Karen Dunn

Mrs. Maupin
Sal...I'm thinking of booking a family cruise to Alaska (6 of us)... but I'm hesitating because some websites say a passport is necessary and some don't. We would leave and return at the Seattle port, but one stop would be in Canada. What is the correct answer? I'm hesitating because of the additional cost, plus my 2 stepdaughters live far away and getting them a passport may be problematic.
Comment from : Mrs. Maupin

Spencer Green
Can you do a video on the differences between booking excursions with the cruise line vs through a third party ?
Comment from : Spencer Green

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