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Grace For The Millers
Several of you have let us know that we used an incorrect flag/map of China. As Americans, we didn't realize the map wasn't right, so we swapped it out. Thank you guys for your patience with us on things like this! You guys are the best! ❤️❤️
Comment from : Grace For The Millers

Amazing family.
Comment from : Fat_Whales.

Jeon Apple
I love China
I’m Indonesian
And Chinese

Comment from : Jeon Apple

Hollen Meyers
How obedient are your children?


Comment from : Hollen Meyers

Hollen Meyers
"I got a croissant"
Comment from : Hollen Meyers

Horn Ro
adopted kids including chinese?great family.
Comment from : Horn Ro

Lee David
The air is still pretty bad .. no blue sky ..hope china sorts this out soon
Comment from : Lee David

Lee David
Now I am addicted to your videos! Thank you so much ... you are all brimming with happiness and rightly so
Y so

Comment from : Lee David

lin damon
Love you
Comment from : lin damon

What's the best season to visit Chinese world heritage sites?

Always avoid the holidays

Experienced people know what i'm talking about.

Comment from : 台灣友邦計數器

Steven Liao
This is the most beautiful family I have ever seen. Nothing but the best wishes for you guys :)
Comment from : Steven Liao

Stanley Chew
U have such a beautiful family and love your videos
Comment from : Stanley Chew

What a wonderful family, I'm envious of the love and happiness you all shared together. Thank you for allowing us to feel like we're a part of your amazing trip to China.
Comment from : Tommy

A. Ding
such a warm and sweet family
Comment from : A. Ding

Swiftie Ma
That hotel is so beautiful...
Comment from : Swiftie Ma

Matt cn
Nice videos!
Comment from : Matt cn

they all your children?
Comment from : 涵涵

Victor Wang
This is the best family 2019
Comment from : Victor Wang

Thank you so much for sharing the nice family, your vlog makes me remind《This is us》
Comment from : 高Z

so happy to see your family! hope you happy forever!
Comment from : 喵喵猫

You are probably the only people that I know who can make a rainy day bright..
Comment from : J JC

Khoo Lyechoon
There is so much love with all u ppl! The world can do without arms n tanks, but alms n thanks like this wonderful family!
Comment from : Khoo Lyechoon

HighRoad UK
Worst time to travel in China during national day week. Everywhere packed.
Comment from : HighRoad UK

leo xu
It’s so nice to see you all having fun in China.
Comment from : leo xu

A very happy family! Very loving. Lincoln is so lovely, Chinese child, he will be very grateful to his parents! Wish a good trip to China!
Comment from : 汪子盛

yi ye
love and peace
Comment from : yi ye

Darius Luo
TBH I thought will ever never adopt any foster child in my life but after watched ur videos I changed my mind.
Comment from : Darius Luo

dian pan
You r doing a great thing!
Comment from : dian pan

Lord of king
Best family. I like that little Lincoln, he was laughing all the time, so cute.
Comment from : Lord of king

lincoln dominic
THX for you do for this kids.....respect from China...
Comment from : lincoln dominic

lelaina ll
I’m a Chinese, I’m really touched and really want to thank you. Really much
Comment from : lelaina ll

Jie Zhang
4:13, the only thing I kinda disagree with. LOL. JK.
Comment from : Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang
Beautiful family! Thank YOU for doing this fabulous and meaningful thing! It's so touching. - From China.
Comment from : Jie Zhang

peace love
Comment from : 洋七明子

Arazx Naga
Beautiful family. So inspiring. I love your family . May I ask your daughter a Hand of marriage? 😊Happy family.
Comment from : Arazx Naga

小两口辛苦了 照顾这么多孩子很不容易
Comment from : 凯凯

Mia Yang
It almost 12pm in China,and I’m still watching your videos,I can feel so much love from you all,best wishes!
Comment from : Mia Yang

Kindest human beings & Happiest family in the whole world!
Comment from : 刘怡文

Kindest human beings & Happiest family in the whole world!
Comment from : 刘怡文

yzw rock
Comment from : yzw rock

Comment from : 同中书门下平章事知枢密院事

Chengfu Mei
Love all of you,中国欢迎你们!
Comment from : Chengfu Mei


Comment from : 鹤川夫人

jian zhao
what a lovely family!
Comment from : jian zhao

Atokamang T.P
Man GOD continue to bless you both and your family.
Comment from : Atokamang T.P

lovely family
Comment from : 杨旭

kevin Tsang
Best wishes to you couple.
Comment from : kevin Tsang

Der hongshu
Born but not raised, broken fingers can be returned, born and raised, broken heads can be returned, not born to raise, the world is difficult to return

Comment from : Der hongshu

Comment from : 阿福

Suyang Zhang
You guys are so great!!!
Comment from : Suyang Zhang

Sarah's YT
I just watched yesterday now i can't stop watching i love this family..
Comment from : Sarah's YT

Donald Gao
Comment from : Donald Gao

Johnny Lee
welcome and have a good time
Comment from : Johnny Lee

Comment from : 杠精和喷子我最喜欢

so sweet
Comment from : MAX

JY Jessie
Welcome to China
Comment from : JY Jessie

大爱 谢谢
Comment from : BLUR TY

welcome to Chengdu
Comment from : BLUR TY

peter peng
love your guys!!!
Comment from : peter peng

Comment from : 周风浪

Peter Cheng
it's amazing.... these kids are so lucky...
Comment from : Peter Cheng

Aragorn Roland
福生无量寿福。 may god be with you
Comment from : Aragorn Roland

IntoYour Heart
You have melted into Chinese people hearts. Just wish you to know..
Comment from : IntoYour Heart

Comment from : 楊蘇

linky is such a joy! he has a very contagious laugh
Comment from : Sugarin

James Tang
God bless you all....
Comment from : James Tang

bee lotus
I like Lincoln haircut. It looks stylish and kind of fashion with two lines on both sides.
Comment from : bee lotus

Comment from : 姬轩辕

Jason Liu
You are the best parents!
Comment from : Jason Liu

jia liu
Comment from : jia liu

love you all
Comment from : 车间王主任

Muwai Tusi
Love your family
Comment from : Muwai Tusi

Wei Liu
thanks for being a great pair of parents for those kids. really touched.
Comment from : Wei Liu

Himal Budhathoki
Visit Nepal
Comment from : Himal Budhathoki

China is amazing, looks like such a wonderful time glad you guys had fun.
Comment from : JZ VR

Yuelin Wen
Thank you for taking so many beautiful pictures of Beijing!
Comment from : Yuelin Wen

那个小胖子 很好玩啊(✪▽✪)
Comment from : Чен陈皇叔

christine lin
I like the pictures at the end~ Amazing
Comment from : christine lin

Love you guys! Cheers!
Comment from : Flyingaceful

Kaovei Everson
Love your family❤️❤️❤️ from India
Comment from : Kaovei Everson

Tianyi MA
always support you and keep praying for your family
Comment from : Tianyi MA

Long Qiao
You are great, this kind of love is cross-border, can not exceed the love, as the Chinese people feel proud and high respect for you.
Comment from : Long Qiao

H.K. Tan
Comment from : H.K. Tan

Aaron Zhang
You guys are so nice and I sincerely wish everything goes well with you guys.
Comment from : Aaron Zhang

maxtac elitpower
best video 2019 beautiful family.
Comment from : maxtac elitpower

Shayne L
You are really decent human beings on this planet.
Love from BJ City.❤

Comment from : Shayne L

Contonstion Dead
Bu niye anasayfama düştü amk
Comment from : Contonstion Dead

sim ray
Who can dislike this video ? Demon ? This family make me trust human kind again , every time i encounter something bad in life , i would seek for warmth here
Comment from : sim ray

margareta yessyca
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Comment from : margareta yessyca

thank you all!
Comment from : 无尿英雄

Victor Chen
be careful! the AI-backed CCTV is watching you!
Comment from : Victor Chen

Nicole Zhang
What a cute family! Glad that you were having a good time and appreciate the authentic Chinese food! I am from Beijing and missed the food there so bad.
Comment from : Nicole Zhang

Tony Yao
I don't usually write comments on YouTube but I really can't help to tell you how beautiful you and your family are. Such a ordinary day of your life touches my heart so much. God bless you.

Comment from : Tony Yao

Donkey Kong
Poor kid’s going to grow up confused
Comment from : Donkey Kong

Kejie Helian
Comment from : Kejie Helian

Zhan Qiao
God bless this beautiful family! ❤️
Comment from : Zhan Qiao

li mingming
u r kind
Comment from : li mingming

yolo yolo
Please adopt me I m Chinese but I am 30.
Comment from : yolo yolo

I am from China when I saw your video.

I really feel warm hearted. God bless u ! Wising u have a good time in China !

Comment from : 常哲铭

Comment from : 你是真的皮