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Muhammad Sohail
express.static can do the same i guess.
Comment from : Muhammad Sohail

Yash Raj Arora
abso-fuckin-lutely awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Yash Raj Arora

Web Application Guide
name of the plugin is emmett, which is availiable for atom
Comment from : Web Application Guide

sarika gowda
explain with clear tab.............while explaining just show the tags r codes how things r going on...............
Comment from : sarika gowda

Zoran Miladinovic
Best tutorial-funny guy ever :D I LOVE your tutorials :)
Comment from : Zoran Miladinovic

Ankit Prasad
In ATOM, if working on a blank "index.html" file,
just write "html" (without the quotes) and then press Tab..
your html structure is created.
Your welcome :D

Comment from : Ankit Prasad

Provide a download for all of these!
Comment from : herohamp

jesus cabrera
adjust the f*** volume
Comment from : jesus cabrera