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Er... how much will this piece of vanity cost the British taxpayer? By the way, I have to chuckle when I hear Home Secretary Priti Patel, the daughter of Ugandan Asian immigrants, carping on about “our national identity“ in the UK. She just doesn’t get the excruciating irony there, does she?
Comment from : Mrfairchap

500 million pounds to design a passport, 500 million that could have gone towards improving NHS.
Comment from : Natashahoneypot

Nice to see that the English lion is still holding the chains around the unicorn of Scotland with the crown forced down around its throat!! As a Scot, all i can say on the matter for now is this, Baaaastaaaards!!
Comment from : Phenotyped

Fabiha Chowdhury
And the point is?
Comment from : Fabiha Chowdhury

Can’t wait to get the nice independent new blue British passport finally and away from the messy eu
Comment from : MAS MAS

tu Gu
Call text or whatapp +17202487549 for your passport id cards and drivers license
Comment from : tu Gu

Steve Petty
With Sterling crashing most UK citizens will have less need for them anyway.
Comment from : Steve Petty

The Equaliser
I wish I could claim asylum out of here I'd say I was being persecuted by the tax man.
Comment from : The Equaliser

The Equaliser
I'm white British and I'd swap my passport tomorrow this country is finish too many taxes, speed cameras and too expensive your nothing more than a commodity in this country
Comment from : The Equaliser

Ejaz Ejaz
Red/ burgundy looks much better
Comment from : Ejaz Ejaz

kashif shah
I have this passport of my grand father he was employee of British government can i get nationality or sell this passport passport issue in muscat and since 1932
Comment from : kashif shah

Garry Daniels
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Comment from : Garry Daniels

Link Spider
Bring back the old ones; the new ones look like you belong to some eastern block country.... May I suggest it to say 'Citizen of the British Empire'.
Comment from : Link Spider

why will a "re-design" cost 500 million? What in a re-design can cost so much? Doe removing EU and printing it blue involve so much? (I'm not a brexiteer I don't live in the UK btw). Just curious.
Comment from : trident3b

Steve DL
Oh yes, I remember those Passports. They got me nowhere a burgundy Passport could not.
Comment from : Steve DL

A Freeman
British Passports were always BLACK, and never blue - I have my old pre-EU passports as evidence.
Comment from : A Freeman

Sameer Ali
The burgundy ones look more attractive though
Comment from : Sameer Ali

A good start and should weedle out all the fake ones
Comment from : merlin72572

Noise Marine
Well no more free Europe travel
Comment from : Noise Marine

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Comment from : Abil Hassan

Best countries; 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺🇨🇦🇳🇿
Comment from : VolunteerEMS

F. Angus
Earth to Brexiters: there was nothing to stop Britain from changing the colour of its EU passports to blue before Brexit. Croatia, an EU member state, issues blue passports and has no plan to change colours.

Your precious blue post-Brexit passports will cost you most of your financial sector, much of what remains of your auto and aerospace industries, and a large chunk of your agricultural market. Good luck with that.

Comment from : F. Angus

Diswar Avanenn
I think we should have blackpassports
Comment from : Diswar Avanenn

John M
The blue one is coming back. Great news !
Comment from : John M

The big blue fuck you to europe 🖕
Comment from : richkingb01

Remainer : "What does this new passport do?" Brexiter : “It’s blue.” Remainer : “Can I use it to travel freely and work in 27 neighbouring EU countries?” Brexiter : “No - but look, it’s blue.” 😉 😛
Comment from : Logos

Peter Mitchell
My ols passport, issued in 1973 is black!
Comment from : Peter Mitchell

sam smith
The fact it dose not say eu on it is the best thing about it.
Comment from : sam smith

So all the British are to be robbed of their European citizenship. If this isn't fascism then will someone please explain what is? Civil wars have been fought over much less. Remember if you will that 48% of the population on the land of hope and former glory voted to remain in the EU. They do not appear to matter. Neither does the opinion of most of the children who have spent years learning European languages, apparently for nothing. When is someone going to wake up to what is going on because what is going on is far from democratic.
Comment from : leboeufsage

Gar Sm
Britons to the back of the queue.
Comment from : Gar Sm

Roger Bennett
Nostalgia aint what it used to be, remember the old days when we had an EU passport.
Comment from : Roger Bennett

I don't care what colour my passport is.as long as I get the corrupt European Union name off.and it gets the sad remoaner going.to all remoaners.say thanks to you boss Nigel.
Comment from : denisesinclair1

Lyn 00000000
and could be made in germany NO NO NO
Comment from : Lyn 00000000

Gary Dodgson
I still have a proper old passport that expired in 1987 , better than them red Euro ones .If you see a James Bond with a Euro red one he us an imposter & a S.P.E,C,T,R,E agent .
Comment from : Gary Dodgson

kaine the carr
They should make it the classic green
Comment from : kaine the carr

talha razaq
Comment from : talha razaq

Gwyn Williams
British passports should be written in Welsh and only Welsh so outsiders can't read them and if it's stolen no one will know it's British
Comment from : Gwyn Williams

John Adams
Now, that is a real passport worth having.
Comment from : John Adams

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