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Hi, Sir
If i have two date pickers for range and i want to set there dates by clicking following hyperlinks like
<a href="#">To day</a>
<a href="#">last day</a>
<a href="#">This week</a>
<a href="#">last week</a>
<a href="#">This month</a>
<a href="#">Last Month</a>
<a href="#">This Year</a>
<a href="#">last Year</a>
a we click on link there range should be select automatically, how we can achieve this please make a video for this.... as soon as possible...

Comment from : cobalt

venkat i just want to ask some thing if you can answer me....
Comment from : cobalt

Venkat Sir your all videos are very nice..in short span of time you give the inevitable contents and the Concept what you deliver is Fabulous sir..Thank you so much sir..i watched all previous videos.which helped me more than expectation..
Comment from : SHAKTI KUMAR

Alizah Mohammad Samaneen
in 2018...
Comment from : Alizah Mohammad Samaneen

Jakerome Openiano
Comment from : Jakerome Openiano

Rima Saha
Suppose your help.html have a button which on click pass the id of that button to JavaScript nd plays it ...will it load in homepage1 and will it play if I press the button?
Comment from : Rima Saha

Parama Shiva
Hey Venkat, you are asking me to have a great day, but it's night here! hahaha. Just Kidding. Nice Tutorial.
Comment from : Parama Shiva

Hans C
$(document).ready(function() {
var textBoxes = $('input [type="text"]');
$("input").focus (function(){
var helpDiv = $(this).attr('id') + 'HelpDiv';
$('#' + helpDiv).load('tmpathhelp.asp #' + helpDiv );
$("input").blur (function(){
var helpDiv = $(this).attr('id') + 'HelpDiv';
$('#' + helpDiv).html('');

Comment from : Hans C

Same thing i done but i am not getting that output can you send that link
Comment from : AMARSAI ANJANA

Paresh B. Patel
Beautifully explained. Thank you, Venkat.
Comment from : Paresh B. Patel

Jen Manzella
well done, thank you for the lesson
Comment from : Jen Manzella

Byte Zappers
XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///xxx/xxx/help.html. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https.

then you can try this in fire fox ;-)

Comment from : Byte Zappers

John N
Can't put a value amount on your video tutorials.  A mentioned below, they are an invaluable resource.  Thank you so much
Comment from : John N

Said Adibi
Good video buddy
Comment from : Said Adibi

Tom B
If you have trouble with this in chrome try adding --allow-file-access-from-files to the end of the chrome shortcut path by right clicking it and clicking properties.
Comment from : Tom B

Please, could you please explain how to use local host. I have xampp as a local service but how I can use it with that example//
Comment from : Marinakulichok

Chris Kavanagh
Great tutorial! Although, I would've made it easier by giving each div an href of the page the help text is on. Give your help text an id (in Help.html). . .Then in your jQuery, you would grab that URL with Focus, then do $('#firstNameHelperDiv').load(url + ' #helpTextId');

This is easier in my opinion, and you can give each specific Help Text an id, so you can place it where it belongs, instead of placing ALL the help text on Focus. In other words, when the user gets Focus on the Name, it will display the help text for the Name ONLY, not the help text for every field. . .

Comment from : Chris Kavanagh

THANK YOU, you just happened to have the exact line of code I need!!! Perfect!
Comment from : sickegg2000

Ibrahim Gfx
You are the best
Comment from : Ibrahim Gfx

Manoj Kumar
Please add a playlist of Angular 2 ASAP, we'll be obliged of your :-)
Comment from : Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar
Best Javascript and jquery videos whatever I watched on you tube so far.... sharp and clear voice... and the way of teaching superb...
Comment from : Manoj Kumar

M. Shafiq Shani
Kudvenkat, i need your help, please give me your skype id, i want to make chat system like facebook with jquery, thanks
Comment from : M. Shafiq Shani

yamini krishna
Hello all,

I have a doubt on getting the ID of input field. Why don't we directly get the ID of the input feild (firstNameHelpDiv) ? why should we get the ID of input type and then append HelpDiv to it

Comment from : yamini krishna

malhar jajoo
So basically ,
1) first find all input boxes.
2) Then find which one has focus.
3) Have some logic to get id of the div from the id of the input box.
4) load html into the selected div.

Comment from : malhar jajoo

alvaro guedez
thanks for dedicatet your time make's this videos, i from venezuela and in my opinion your tutorials are inside the most betters i see, i hope my english understand xd c:
Comment from : alvaro guedez

ramesh bogandla
i am gotting errer "jquery.min.js:4 XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/help.html. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource." look once pls
Comment from : ramesh bogandla

ramesh bogandla
thank you superb,
Comment from : ramesh bogandla

Law Viktor
Hi Sir, this tutorial is wonderful, and my problem is this: Rceived an invalid response. Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access. How can I solve it?
Comment from : Law Viktor

Victor Catalin Torac
Thank You for the education you provide.
Comment from : Victor Catalin Torac

Hansjörg Reister
hello,you did not mention that load parses the "URL" input then extracts the URL itself and it smart enough to figure out that the addtional string is valid CSS / jQuery selector and appplies it. (see docu e.g. here: www.w3schools.com/jquery/jquery_ajax_load.asp). This is one of the typical examples why jQuery is being considered very handy by developers but actually uses a messy, black magic syntax and is highly inefficient. As you said the complete HTML will always be loaded and then the selector will be applied. This can use quite some resources! It would be better to at least load the HTML only once and then apply the selector later.
Comment from : Hansjörg Reister

this is an amazing video. I'm trying to inject data from server into divs with on a jquery mobile page that is already working. currently it uploads to a .php but I don't see the data. this data will then be injected into (specific div) on a page already. then refresh after complete. this seems to be what need. Thank You!
Comment from : beanheadshop

Thank you
Comment from : developernader

KDPhotomans Feed
Venkat your videos are invaluable beyond measure. Thank You!!!!
Comment from : KDPhotomans Feed

Jyotirmaya Das
Thank you very much Sir for providing such valuable content for us.
Comment from : Jyotirmaya Das

A Estrada
Can you do a tutorial populate dropdown and select a value from a table?
Comment from : A Estrada

Артем А
Comment from : Артем А

Peter L
Very well explained. Thank you.
Comment from : Peter L

Shubhendu Rohatgi
Hi Sir,

Please post some videos on ANGULAR JS as well.
Hats off to you for the videos and the documentation that you have provided on .net, C#, SQL server, WCF, WebServices, JavaScript and jQuery.
All the docs have in-depth concepts.
How you gained such an extensive knowledge?

Comment from : Shubhendu Rohatgi