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Nader Nadernejad
I'm making more videos about passive income now. What do you want to see next?
Comment from : Nader Nadernejad

Karen Kaye Ringor
Are they looking for a canadian certificate too? Because even my canadian certificate i lost
Comment from : Karen Kaye Ringor

Giselle Roberston
I just lost my Canadian passport abroad......
Comment from : Giselle Roberston

Lars O.
OMG. That is complicated. I go to the government and I say.. "I lost my Passport". Then I get a new one. :D Nader you need a german passport. That easier when you are losing things.
Comment from : Lars O.

Stolen Life
No I mean , how many years does it take to get the Canadian citizenship ?
Comment from : Stolen Life

Stolen Life
How many years to get the passport ?
Comment from : Stolen Life

Passive Income Tom
That stinks but it all worked out. 👍
Comment from : Passive Income Tom