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nagashree bn
In Bangalore consulate office when I went to collect my passport I have evidenced the same scenario..A student came to collect his passport and it was torn..when he went and said it is torn..they just said we dono how it happened and we are sorry!! He couldn't do anything..this was really rubbish!!Consulate ppl cannot be so careless..
Comment from : nagashree bn

Mohammed Khsru
Sir YOUR Mobil nambar
Comment from : Mohammed Khsru

Nur Ahad
Hello Brother I am speaking from Bangladesh. What is vfs premium lounge. How many days will passport delivery be available if you submit premium lounge vfs?
Comment from : Nur Ahad

If you give me an advice Ever for the VFS global??
Comment from : J D

Is it the same story of Pakistan as well?
Comment from : J D

kishan pal
sir me vfs me gya tha 7 tarik ko finlend ke liye gya tha tourest visa ke liye husband hor wife ka lgaya tha Kya ab visa lg jayega ?
Kya intrw hoga pH. Par ?

Comment from : kishan pal

Jenner Rajakumar
Thanks a million I am a first time applicant for visa just applying now.. good to see that I need to be cautious in advance, I will be. Hi Brother can you please advise me more as VFS Global has been contacted by my company who sent me the offer letter and I am in touch with a female employee there as per the email and wanted to know how I can ensure I am not cheated beyond the Visa charge of 25,750 INR during the slot booking will she do the entire process for me and how can I ensure I am paying money to the right people and I am assured of not being cheated? Kindly advise..
my whatsapp and contact no. +919916462542

Comment from : Jenner Rajakumar

Vfs is globally inefficient. We're having the same incompetence in South Africa.
Comment from : Fylosofy

Soni Dhiman
Hey bharat... I want to know something I apply for study visa of Germany MBA for 18 months after that search work visa . Today I received Vfs call they asked me about what kind of visa is this , is it short term or long term ? .. I confused and I say short am I right pls reply , on Monday I have an appointment in VFS
Comment from : Soni Dhiman

Nikhil Bhardwaj
I have tweeted this video to the German Ambassador personal twitter account. I hope he will take action.
Comment from : Nikhil Bhardwaj

Yashodhan Manerikar
Take a video of your passport before you submit it.
Comment from : Yashodhan Manerikar

Ali Raza
In Pakistan we're suffering from same queue system. It's been 7 months since I've admit letter and still waiting for appointment.
Comment from : Ali Raza

gaurav chauhan
Office say bahar nikalte hi marta saalo ko ....main to ek ek ki mc deta mere sath hota to .
Comment from : gaurav chauhan

abins michael
The fb link is broken ?
Comment from : abins michael

Minal Narang
I gave the interview in VFS germany embassy on 19 june 2019 for student visa in new delhi according to my experience. Its was worst experience of my life. Vfs employees talk very rude they insult me. They are shouting on me I never expect to German consulate but german embassy should take action on this
Comment from : Minal Narang

Abiram S
Bro, How is the job opportunity for Mtech Mechatronics?
Comment from : Abiram S

uday cheeda
Hello sir, I have mailed you for urgent suggestion. I really need your help on that topic. Please help me sir. I will be very thankful to u. I really need ur guidance.
Comment from : uday cheeda

Aditya Singh
Facebook Page is removed. Why??
Comment from : Aditya Singh

Aditya Singh
This is literally horrible😪
Comment from : Aditya Singh

Sunisha Pamnani
Two questions I'd like to ask.
Even if they accept responsibility for the damage to passport, does it mean that the applicant will be then redressed in any way like a prompt appointment rescheduling, or a special application to the passport office from the VFS for a prompt reissue of passport etc.?
How does one prove to the authorities that the passport that an applicant submitted was in pristine condition, especially at the consulates or the embassy where mobile phones etc. are prohibited inside?

Comment from : Sunisha Pamnani

Zulfiquar Ali
Hello Bharat,
I have replied to your email, please go through it eagerly waiting for your response

Comment from : Zulfiquar Ali

Kedar Paul
Should have reported to the police immediately. That's a document issued by Government of India and surely it's an offence.
Comment from : Kedar Paul

Alluric Inc
It’s really Shocking and horrible things. You should not let this go easily take it to the higher authorities so that this people should be punished and will it not happen ever again with anyone else.
Comment from : Alluric Inc

Deepal Parekh
Karin stoll is the head of Chennai German consulate.. people should send her outrageous messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook wherever it’s possible...Also she is active on Twitter @kax2011
Comment from : Deepal Parekh

Wa bhai..aap ne bana diya video..your excellent.
Comment from : MOHAMMAD EJAZ

Hasnain Mahmood
What in the world is "VFS"?
Comment from : Hasnain Mahmood

Adarsh S Sharma
Is any such thing happens Mumbai VFS
Comment from : Adarsh S Sharma

Rohan Raga
Y do they do such horrible things with students, playing with our life
Comment from : Rohan Raga

Clinton Massar
I guess its part of their job to create all sorts of drama with the people... Hmmm
Comment from : Clinton Massar

Hey BIG, what’s view on growing far right extremism in Germany? Recently they have killed a German politician who was in support of refugees. Since we Indians looks a lot like these refugees I worry if such attacks could be directed against Indian students. And would you suggest avoiding Universities in Eastern German Universities? And maybe on how to avoid such anti-social elements?
Comment from : S G

Leela Mohan Darapuneni
Bharath write a post in twitter by tagging foreign minister of India, by mentioning the details and vfs area, which did it, impact will be more if you write, this is an important issue
Comment from : Leela Mohan Darapuneni

It’s not only about keeping photo copy of passport , a applicant must keep the photo copy of all documents which a applicant is going to submitted at vfs or embassy in case of missing/damage or a mistake taking out in file by embassy or vfs in case of visa refusal , when you have sufficient proofs you can claim or fight your case . Thanks buddy to aware ppls , keep doing that 🙏
Comment from : Naveen

meghal darji
Bhai, if possible please talk to the relevant authorities in Germany and then they can talk to the German embassy in India to prevent something like this from ever happening again!
Comment from : meghal darji

KuCH Bh! Hack
Anyone heard anything from tu darmstadt??
Comment from : KuCH Bh! Hack

KuCH Bh! Hack
They have stopped rescheduling of appointment
Comment from : KuCH Bh! Hack

Nipun sharma
India inhi logo ki vajah se tarraki nahi kar raha.......
Comment from : Nipun sharma

Hi I applied for tourist Germany Schengen visa on 13/06/2019 , still not received visa shall I cancel my flight of 25/06/2019 as Saturday and Sunday they don't work. I have written mail to Germany consulate also . What shall I do now been 6 days over .
Comment from : Gyanishare

Jacky Mohnani
Thank you very much for this information, I will be applying my student visa for Germany next month. I will surely click a video prior to the submission of my documents and passport to VFS.
Comment from : Jacky Mohnani

Varun Bhati
Why is vfs centre still asking for zav pre approval for employement when its not needed according to recent immigration law.... please help....
Comment from : Varun Bhati

tneema pathak
Only in our beautiful country🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Lovvveeeed the line!!!
Comment from : tneema pathak

Zeel Bhatt
I am Planning to apply for the German Nation Visa in Chennai Consulate for my Internship in Germany. How to avoid this type of scam(Fake appointment )as you mentioned in the video?
Comment from : Zeel Bhatt

Jatin Chaudhary
VFS works very roughly. I had a very bad experience with the VFS employees when was applying for my Residence Permit for Finland. VFS people declined to accept the fact given on the official immigration website of Finland and had their own hypothesis which they were never able to prove by any official source from the Finnish government or immigration. Later, they couriered my RP card to my old address regarding which I officially emailed the VFS giving them prior instructions. This again delayed my RP arrival to me.

The whole scene took one month which got completely wasted and my three months internship got shrunken to two months just because of the lame working style of VFS, New Delhi.
Bharat, I request you to kindly carry these kinds of news forward so that people can be aware of the happenings and take decisions wisely.

Comment from : Jatin Chaudhary

true. thanks for the update bharat
Comment from : JOYJIT ROY

shivansh singhal
Hey bro,
What's about the latest news that students preparing for Bachelor's and got 70%+ in CBSE can apply for German National Visa instead of Student Visa
This is the latest update by VFS.Can you please make a video on this

Comment from : shivansh singhal

jack ø diamonds A
I just can’t believe it
Comment from : jack ø diamonds A

Piyush Chaturvedi
Thankyou so much !!! Plz check your email I emailed you
Comment from : Piyush Chaturvedi

zafar Saif
Hey bro , yesterday u helped me a lot thanks for that .... I am fixed with Masters in electrical engineer and information technology ..... Can u please suggest me a university for it ... Like is TTUH a good option or do I need to check any website??
Comment from : zafar Saif

Comment from : Gloria

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