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Ali Muhammed
Great video
Comment from : Ali Muhammed

Jordon Barnett
I’m in the process of applying for my Maltese citizenship. Once I have this, is it a no brainer to setup my company in Malta? Then I can live elsewhere?
Comment from : Jordon Barnett

Chathura Ekanayake
I am a Canadian resident and providing consultantancy services to a company in US. What if I setup a Company in Panama and move there. Does this makes sense?
Comment from : Chathura Ekanayake

You cannot KEEP money that is not yours to begin with. If you have to finesse your way around laws it was never YOUR OWN money!
Comment from : littlesometin

Nicola Gauthier
What would be a good solution for a Canadian?
Comment from : Nicola Gauthier

Great vid! What’s the best option for a Uk citizen setting up a business selling online courses but wants to spend majority of time in Uk?
Comment from : Johnny

Scorpie Scorpie
What would be the best way in your opinion to reduce taxes if you're a trader living in the US?
Comment from : Scorpie Scorpie

derp derp
Great content. Would be great to see how a lot of these work as far as crypto investment vs traditional businesses.. having ok money but having made high 6 figures, there's exponential multiples in crypto (buy DAG NOW don't capitulate - BUY IT on KuCoin) .. problem is even with long term CG, don't want to give uncle same 20%. Plus passive income later. Germany, France (no tax until crypto is turned into Fiat!! - hilariously short sighted..) and Protugal have some very friendly crypto tax laws. Would love to see a video focused on US citizens being able to expatriate their Money so as not to lose a ton and get out of this country that the Trumpies have turned into a garbage dump... want to expatriate my $ legally but makes me sick giving a dime to this horrible war machine that separates and abuses brown people. I can't be a part of it any more and don't want to get them a penny more than I absolutely have to. Help.
Comment from : derp derp

Dr. Winner
For US citizens, since personal income Federal tax can not be avoided, why not a personal income tax-free state in the US itself?
Comment from : Dr. Winner

What about other US territories like Guam?
Comment from : healingfear

Enough is Enough
I’m a British citizen and looking to go to a tax haven for my cryptocurrency investments.. maybe BVI would be a good choice for me just don’t know how to go about it
Comment from : Enough is Enough

Amelia Granata
I especially appreciate those who are in the small wrist club. I too have excess band left over after I secure my watch on my wrist!

great videos

Comment from : Amelia Granata

Tyler MacDonald
I literally can’t tell you valuable this information is to me Andrew, it’s helping me piece together the exact next steps to take. Thank you 🙏
Comment from : Tyler MacDonald

amatrice band
Why the majority of your staff are female Serbs? is this a coincidence or majority of your clientele are from there? i see your addresses in Hong Kong and USA there might be only registered addresses though. Is your team working remotely? Cheers
Comment from : amatrice band

Fantastic video with useful information! Thank you, Andrew.
Comment from : ChanaElisheva

Daron Payne
I'm a fire fighter in California. I get killed on my taxes. Is there a way to set up a business in a tax haven country and have my employer pay that business (while I'm actually doing the work)? Thx
Comment from : Daron Payne

Judith J Gebora
Hello Andrew, thanks for the video information! I am a dual citizen, USA/Hungary. I never heard about the dual citizen tax scenario. First I was born and leave 32 years in Hungary, then I did move USA and leave here 35 years. Now as a retired I would like to move back to Hungary.  My SSI and Tax issues are a dark/grey area, no one can give me a reliable answer, advise what I have to do. Of course I would like to pay less taxes after my small investment /capital gain/ because I have to spend that amount on my husband cancer treatments, to keep him in live. If you can give me an advise where I have to turn to answer for my situation, please let me know. Thanks and God bless you.
Comment from : Judith J Gebora

Sue M.
People who do not want to be taxed, should not be entitled to good roads, clean water, hospitals etec,,,etc,
Comment from : Sue M.

Shawn Drumm
What if I’m not a US citizen? Can I do the same being a CDN citizen ?
Comment from : Shawn Drumm

Sydney Austin
If you buy a home in PR.. How is it know how many days you are in it for the year if you are traveling to the USA mostly?
Comment from : Sydney Austin

Conscious Crypto
PR doesn't work for me, because I want to spend more time in the US more months out of the year than that program allows. I don't mind living overseas most of the year, but I think you only get 30 days a year on the mainland if you want to only pay PR taxes.
Comment from : Conscious Crypto

This channel is amazing.
Comment from : GTOberfest

Alejandro Aguilar
I’m 21 years old I just incorporated my company in Delaware. I’ve always been interested in learning how to avoid taxes like the tax heaven strategy. Since my company is a software company specifically an app. I can make money anywhere and it’s available to the whole world. Should I seek a tax advisor to learn more about this move and see if it’s a good idea?
Comment from : Alejandro Aguilar

Have you worked with any farmers wanting to invest in agriculture abroad?
Comment from : jannyleaf

Never worth it to give up the US citizenship or even to live outside of the US. We have families and I certainly want my kids to grow up in Southern California. What's the solution? Do it the Amazon way: Focus on revenue growth, raise capital, don't be significantly profitable, reinvest in the company, give yourself a reasonably low enough salary so that you can get a mortgage.
Comment from : grapplerke

Hard to tell what to do when you're business isn't big yet.
Comment from : J D

Thomas Storrs
Or just go off the financial grid, all cash, barter. Millions of americans do it.
Comment from : Thomas Storrs

Gaël des Montagnes Noires
Why move??? you stay home, borrow $$$ on collateral & pay 0 Taxes on them... duuuh
Comment from : Gaël des Montagnes Noires

Reset Call
Thanks for a very very informative videos as usual, all the best for your efforts
Comment from : Reset Call

heat cliff
Do not leave USA. The world is a dangerous place for American.
Comment from : heat cliff

kathy marquis
you are stupid if you wire
Comment from : kathy marquis

unboxing theboxx
Comment from : unboxing theboxx

Taxation is slavery
Comment from : Spyrohiphop

martin sinclair
Ecuador $20,000 gets you residency. 3 years later passport
Comment from : martin sinclair

rex the frenchie
most of those country have very bad banking system... better live in china... you can pay everything with your phone.you guys should try alipay and wechat pay .... lol...
Comment from : rex the frenchie

rex the frenchie
you can live in Singapore and make money in china ,get payed in cash .just like jim Rogers... you pay 0 taxes.... set up your company in Miami.
Comment from : rex the frenchie

Jonathan Hughes
Every one is thinking about money. No one is thinking about others. Jesus wants us to think about others. Ask and receive will do that. Jesus called a tax collector from his job named Matthew.
Comment from : Jonathan Hughes

Puerto Rico is 0% taxes for personal income. 4% business tax.
Comment from : Tobias

What about just buying a big boat and parking it off shore and spending most of your time not in any country.
Comment from : Jacque

allu pala
The Netherlands is one of world´s biggest tax have. Hundreds of corporations have move there to avoid paying taxes.
Comment from : allu pala

This whole tax shit is slavery
Comment from : CandyCandy

Randy Bruno
Comment from : Randy Bruno

Ryan Lackey
As a stepping stone, Puerto Rico Act 22 0% capital gains makes the "unrealized capital gains" exit tax problem a whole lot easier, assuming all your gains are PR or aged into PR.
Comment from : Ryan Lackey

Gerald Lofton
You need to write Larger ....
Comment from : Gerald Lofton

Colin Talks Crypto
Thanks for mentioning Puerto Rico. It's a great solution for those who do want to keep US citizenship and be able to start getting 0% on capital gains, 4% business taxes, no exit tax (because you're still a US citizen). You have to live in Puerto Rico for 183 days per year. Best solution imo for those who DO want to be able to be in the USA for a significant amount of time each year (up to 182 days each year).
Comment from : Colin Talks Crypto

MTV Cribs
What would stop you from incorporating abroad in a low tax country and paying yourself a lower wage and being taxed on that if reinvesting the company profits in a bonafide way?
Comment from : MTV Cribs

Pedro pepe
why don't us or any other country invade tax havens?
Comment from : Pedro pepe

I guess i have to get out of my US citizenship to avoid US cap gains tax?
Comment from : Radnally

If your a US citizen, and want to keep your citizenship. You can also move to another state to reduce your income tax. Assuming most of your work is computer or internet-related or at least mobile/flexible work. You can't do anything about the federal tax but you can reduce your state tax.
Comment from : MeGawOOt99

Thank you!!
Comment from : Rome

K R Parr
In a future video, can you discuss how adding an off shore insurance company to a strategy works?
Comment from : K R Parr

Tibaldo Agustin Juan
Andrew you video rocks ! Nevertheless check that f/speed, you might want to increase it so that the focus don't switch between you and the whiteboard ;)
Comment from : Tibaldo Agustin Juan

Completely useless
Comment from : m3c43

Hk tax rate is not zero.
Comment from : m3c43

Andrew if you want help with the video editing. Happy to help for free I'm not looking for anything.
Comment from : Stolt

Daniel Luster
I want to live in a tax haven someday and pay zero tax. B-) I love to live in St. Kitts and Nevis, esp., for the sake of citizenship by investment. B-)
Comment from : Daniel Luster

•Ty Mills•
When should I start focusing on moving both company & myself overseas?

I'm a US citizen making around 100k/yr online with all my team not in the US aswell.

Comment from : •Ty Mills•

Really interesting video - would be very interested in how this sort of thing could apply to British citizens.
Comment from : TravisMoore

Gonzalo Garcia Tunon
Great vlog as always! I would like a video about Top Residences by fewer days allowed, thanks a million!
Comment from : Gonzalo Garcia Tunon

OC Guy
what about Indonesia ?
Comment from : OC Guy

The Hassler
I have an israeli passport and just got a Portugal passport as well, because I've proved my Jewish family lived there 500 years ago.
Comment from : The Hassler

Cursed Potassium
I have no use for this information at all I'm broke but, I've watched at least half dozen videos why am I watching another.
Comment from : Cursed Potassium

James Bradley
Usable information and so helpful. Thanks so much 😎👍
Comment from : James Bradley

The Moribundity
Can you redo this video, but add the variable where the person is a dual-citizen of the UK looking to become a non-domicile person living part-time in Ireland, Malaysia, and Whatnot? Is Airbnb an option for all other residences besides your main residence in a 0-10% tax country?
Comment from : The Moribundity

Dee Jay
Comment from : Dee Jay

Carol Johns
New topic idea? I was researching different health systems and where the best hospitals in the world are. Many are in the USA but there are several in Thailand. Comparing the systems, tiers, and efficiency of health care in different locations would be great. That matters a lot for a long term residence choice and is hard to find unbiased facts on. Some supposed best of lists still have Canada and the UK high up even though the system in those places has major problems.
Comment from : Carol Johns

Could you do a video on the best option for a US Citizen that is ok paying 1-10% of income but doesn't want to take 5+ years or just move constantly?
Comment from : Boristien405

One of the best videos yet.
Comment from : dlukton

Tk Gz
i like the board explanation, it will be helpful if you use it in next videos.
Comment from : Tk Gz

please do more white boards :D
great video even for me a None US

Comment from : 3ux1n3

Gur Swamy
superb awesome Fentastic superb
Comment from : Gur Swamy

Business Crusader
I wonder if there are any opportunities for high-tax countries like Belgium. I do like the BVI, but I don't think they have double-tax agreements with Belgium.
And Belgium's nearly 0% capital gains tax is amazing btw.

Comment from : Business Crusader

Jeff Lam
What if I have a e-commerce business and I’m selling in the USA. If I move to a tax haven country will I still need pay taxes in the USA?
Comment from : Jeff Lam

Eric Everson
Plan ahead especially if you are a US Citizen:)
Comment from : Eric Everson

Dexter Speights
Everything on earth has a price! even low or 0% tax countries: natural disasters, poor infrastructure, civil unrest, bad economy, corrupt police + government, mob or gang control the country and high crime.
Comment from : Dexter Speights

Hürol Inci
good run-through.
Comment from : Hürol Inci

Mick McCoy
Good video. A helluva lot of information packed into 16 minutes. For U.S, citizens, there is no free lunch. We just have to find the cheapest lunch.
Comment from : Mick McCoy

Well presented. Thanks, Andrew.
Comment from : Xeneon341

Mage Ranger
Thank you Andrew.
I do have a question though,
If someone did manage to achieve this on their own due to their own drive and will following your advice from your book, website and YouTube, (and they had a nationality that you work with such as UK), and they achieved your income requirements (i.e $100k+), would you help them check if they managed to do things correctly, and need any optimisation?

Comment from : Mage Ranger

I know that the theme of this channel is 'Go where you're treated best'. Where do wealthy entrepreneurs go where the family and divorce courts treat them the best? Where are the areas were dating and potentially marriage are feasible for a wealthy guy? Topic for a video perhaps. Thanks Andrew.
Comment from : Re3iRtH

Om Planet
What is wrong with the Seychelles? Why it's not possible to move there?
Comment from : Om Planet

Pat Aherne
Pay zero direct tax
Comment from : Pat Aherne

Carl Kanner
Great video Andrew. This is one of your best in a long. Greatly appreciate all the information.
Comment from : Carl Kanner

Mikhail Berlay
Need to watch this 100 times to catch all details, good content.
How about family and kids life aspect?

Comment from : Mikhail Berlay

Gianni Ferrari
I feel like too many people ask Andrew how to save money on taxes, but they dont want to pay the high prices to live in luxury places, or even 150k for St Kitts. The problem isnt the taxes folks, its the MONEY. Get the money up! Always love your videos Andrew. Will give you a call in the future when the millions are in the pocket for you to help me live the oligarch lifestyle. I think you should come out with some Tshirts, I'd buy one. Just make sure the material is soft ;-).
Comment from : Gianni Ferrari

Mark Parham
I was thinking bahamas for both company and personal, would seem like a great lifestyle
Comment from : Mark Parham

Sydney Austin
Good one also... Though PR is most interesting.. 4% in nothing to blink at though..
Comment from : Sydney Austin

T. Lewis
Thank you so much. These videos are so helpful Andrew.
Comment from : T. Lewis

The Hassler
Peter schiff has moved to Puerto Rico
Comment from : The Hassler

Excellent video! Thanks Andrew! I plan on moving to PR soon. Then maybe renounce later
Comment from : C R

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